Hot Guys in Shorts

Hot guys in shorts can provide inspiration if you're looking to get in shape, or they can simply be eye candy. Whether they're at the beach, sitting by the pool, hitting the gym or just walking down the street, summertime is the best time to catch a glimpse of cute guys in shorts.

Checking out Hot Guys in Shorts

All you have to do when the weather heats up is find a spot where guys gather. There's sure to be enough to see if hot guy watching is your favorite hobby.

Getting a Workout In

You'll often find hot guys working out.

Who Needs a Shirt?

When the sun is out, there are lots of places you can forget the shirt.

Sporty Guys

Volleyball players are often hot.

Shorts with Long-Sleeved shirts

A long-sleeved top works for him.

Double the Treat

Two hot guys in shorts are the perfect pair.

Sail Away

Shorts are perfect for boating.

Sandy and Hot

Look who washed up on shore.

Working Those Muscles

In a tee and shorts, hot guys can show off all their hard work in the gym or on the trail.

A Hot Guy in Shorts

Relaxing in elastic waist shorts, perfect for ease.

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Hot Guys in Shorts