26 Pictures of Hot Guys in Shorts

Fun Pictures of Hot Guys in Shorts


Hot guys in shorts can provide inspiration if you're looking to get in shape, or they can simply be eye candy. Whether they're at the beach, sitting by the pool, hitting the gym or just walking down the street, summertime is the best time to catch a glimpse of cute guys in shorts. All you have to do when the weather heats up is find a spot where guys gather. There's sure to be enough to see if hot guy watching is your favorite hobby.

Getting a Workout In


You'll often find hot guys working out. Next time you go for a job or hit the gym, you'll likely be rewarded by seeing some buff guys working out their lower or upper body.

Who Needs a Shirt?


When the sun is out, there are lots of places you can forget the shirt. From the beach to the park to the trail, guys often go shirtless when the weather heats up.

Sporty Guys


Volleyball players are often hot. Visit the beach on a sunny day for the perfect chance to join in a game with a great-looking guy in volley ball shorts or board shorts.

Shorts With Long-Sleeved shirts


A long-sleeved top works for him with shorts. Even a chill in the air can't stop a dedicated guy from working out.

Double the Treat


Two hot guys in shorts are the perfect pair. Some guys aren't afraid to show off a little, and these guys have plenty to show off!

Sail Away


Shorts are perfect for boating and other water sports and activities. A confident guy doing what he loves can make even the most casual outfit look hot.

Sandy and Hot


Look who washed up on shore. Who wouldn't want to be stranded in a deserted island with this guy? Maybe it's time to plan a vacation.

Working Those Muscles


In a sleeveless tee and shorts, hot guys can show off all their hard work in the gym or on the trail. Not only does a sleeveless tee keep a guy cool, it looks stylish with hos workout shorts.

A Hot Guy in Shorts Relaxing


Guys look great when they're relaxing in comfortable shorts and a casual top. Whether he's laughing at a funny text or watching a comedy on Netflix, seeing a guy with a genuine smile always ups his attractiveness.

Guy Working Hard in Casual Shorts


A guy who has a passion for his work can tug at your heart. A guy with a brain is always hot.

One With Nature


A guy can also be attractive because of his spiritual side. A man who can connect with himself and nature has depth that will make him attractive to a lot of people.

Sexy in Short shorts


A hot guy in shorts can make you stop and say 'wow.' A hot guy in short shorts will just stop you in your tracks.

Hot Pro Athletes in Baller Shorts


Who says you have to watch the game just for the competition? Pro players look hot in their basketball shorts.

Guys in Jean shorts


A guy in denim shorts and a simple white tee shirt has a classic style to call his own. A guy doesn't have to have a GQ style in order to be attractive.

Men in Pink Shorts


Tires of seeing attractive guys in boring neutral colors? A guy can easily pull off pink shorts and look hot.

Spandex Shorts


Spandex shorts are great for guys when they are running, cycling or working out. There's nothing sexier than a guy dedicated to his sport.

Board Shorts Are Sexy


Whether he's swimming, surfing, sailing, or just relaxing on the beach, there's something undeniably alluring about a guy in board shorts.

Rugby Shorts Are Winners


Rugby may be a down and dirty sport, but there's no denying that a player looks good in his rugby shorts and winning attitude.

Attractive at Any Age


There's no age limit when it comes to finding guys attractive. A guy that has a lived a little like this guy in sexy cotton shorts can be a hot catch.

Guys in Cargo Shorts


Cargo shorts are relaxed and casual, yet still stylish. A guy can pull of wearing them practically anywhere, from the library to a long hike, and still look great.

Compression Shorts


Guys who take their workouts seriously have to have the right gear. Compression shorts are a must for some types of workouts. A bold color like red makes a style impact even while sweating it out at the gym.

Sexy in Swim Shorts


Swim shorts are one of the best looks if you want some serious eye candy. They let a guy show off a hot body and his inner confidence, whether he's a fun-loving, playful type or he's on the more serious, reserved side.

Guys in Shorts and Boots


Whether it's guys in shorts and cowboy boots or guys wearing denim shorts and boots for functional purposes like gardening or yard work on a hot summer day, there's definitely something attractive about a guy who can pull off the shorts and boots combo.

Shirtless Guy in Khaki Shorts


There's something impressive about a man who can look this good in nothing but khaki shorts and his hot summer tan.

Confidence Is Hot


A guy wearing great shorts can make for some excellent eye candy, but there are so many other aspects that come into play when it comes to finding a guy hot. His inner confidence can make him super attractive, as well as his mind, his interests, and his passions. Looking at pics of hot guys is fun, but there's so much more to a guy than just his body!

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26 Pictures of Hot Guys in Shorts