Male Model Fashion Show

Bond Looks Good Without a Tux

What better place to view the most exciting fashions of today than your very own male model fashion show? Peruse these images for hints into what your favorite celebrities are wearing both on and off the runways.

Daniel Craig channels his alter ego James Bond in this casual outfit. Not many men are comfortable wearing cardigans, but this Brit is. Wearing a sweater instead of a jacket is a classic and cool way of toning down the fanciness of a suit.

Seeing Double the Style

These two models in the GenArt fashion show in LA meet at the end of the runway. In a show that focuses on fresh faces, these two look fresh in their springtime suits. The lighter material and muted colors of the plaid suit let you know that it is meant for warmer weather.

Young and Stylish

Max Ehrich shows off a style suited for a younger man on the red carpet. His longer hair and classic Converse shoes are rebellious while his crisp white shirt and black tie keep him appropriate for the occasion. He kept true to his personal style by leaving the shirt untucked.

Keeping Cool When It's Cool

This runway shot shows off a style that becomes popular when the winter rolls around. The puffer vest is a necessity in colder climates and this one keeps it cool in a shiny black nylon. The baggy jeans and relaxed beanie show a very laid-back look.

Layering with Kenneth Cole

Designer Kenneth Cole knows a thing or two about how to look great on the red carpet. By layering a relaxed shirt and tie with a sweater and sport coat, he can go from work to dinner or a party and fit in at many different occasions. The pop of green in his sweater adds some nice color.

Bright Colors Pop

This runway look is classically preppy with a v-neck sweater worn alone, white pants and loafers. While it suggests a man who summers in the Hamptons, it is very easy to achieve. The hard part? Buying a sweater in a color as daring as this yellow.

Marky Mark, Trim and Tailored

Mark Wahlberg has been a style icon since his days as a model for Calvin Klein Jeans. These days he keeps things more mature, however, in a sharply tailored suit with a matching steel blue tie.

Slick in Shades

A model in the Sean Jean fashion show struts his stuff in a modern take on a three-piece suit. Instead of suit pants, he wears jeans and instead of dress shoes, designer sneakers. To top off the look, he wears a pair of slick aviators.

Long Johns Are Back

Lastly, one of the largest segments of the male modeling industry is yes, underwear modeling. This model shows off his abs in a playful set of long johns. While these might not work for every day wear, they can be fun for a special occasion.

Want more male model fashion shows? Try this slideshow of Versace men's dress pants for more stylish action.

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Male Model Fashion Show