Men in Bike Shorts

The most versatile are black.

Men in bike shorts are often cycling enthusiasts who have done their research when it comes to fit, feel, and comfort while riding.

What Men in Bike Shorts Know

They know that padding is important, especially for long rides, and that quick-drying shorts are a must. Though they love their bikes, they may want to enjoy other activities while wearing their shorts, like hiking. Men who wear bike shorts know about their versatility.

Men in bike shorts are everywhere--from city streets to nature trails.

After a long race, you'll be thankful for lightweight padding in your bike shorts.

Wear them on all types of rides and adventures.

Men in bike shorts ride through parks, too, so don't be embarrassed to put on yours.

Pair them with a moisture-wicking tee.

It's easy for men in bike shorts to enjoy late afternoon rides because the shorts are so comfortable.

Get moving.

Don't forget to bring enough water for a long ride; once you start, you might want to go for miles.

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Men in Bike Shorts