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A History of Mod

Mod fashion originated in London in the late 1950s before resurfacing in the 1970s. It then became prominent throughout North America in the 1980s. The tailored and fitted lines revolutionized fashion at the time and have since been fused with contemporary fabrics and designs to put a fresh twist on this timeless aesthetic. There are many ways that you can epitomize mod fashion for men, whether you have a classic or edgy personal style.

Smart and Monochromatic

In the movie A Hard Day's Night, a reporter asked Beatles drummer Ringo Starr if he was a "mod or a rocker." Ringo famously replied, "I'm a mocker." Inspired from world-famous bands like the Beatles, there are several aspects of this look that just scream mod fashion: the closely shaved hair, the monochrome color, and the jacket, shirt, and tie combo. Ideal for a formal or business occasion, the trick here is to make sure that your tailored suit isn't too tight nor too loose; rather, it looks as if both the pants and jacket were specifically customized for your body.

Simply Mod

To create more of a laid-back sense of mod style, throw on a polo shirt and slim-fitting chinos. The original British mod dressers would usually wear any type of casual pant tapered to produce a smart yet simplistic look. They'd also roll up the bottoms to show off their distinctive desert shoes. If you want to give this aesthetic a serious style update for the twenty-first century and make it more wearable, rock high-top sneakers.

Bold Tailoring

As mod was generally considered a smarter way of dressing, three-piece suits were commonly worn when the occasion called for it. Dark, tailored suits reigned supreme over other color palettes, with the view that they could slot effortlessly into any moment in time and any setting. To put a voguish spin on a three-piece suit, invest in a black, grey, or brown colorway and then use your shirt and tie combination to add contrast through a bold block hue or pattern.

Quirky Sensibility

Mod can be classed as a marriage of geek chic, preppy style, and rocker sensibility. Sometimes, adding a simple accessory (like checkered eyewear) can pull together a mod look. This is especially true if you team your accessory with a mod fashion staple, like a black turtleneck sweater. The result is a fun, unconventional 1960s aesthetic.

Hats Off to You

Again, sometimes it only takes one piece to capture the essence and spirit of the mod movement. A gray flat cap is both very mod and very British. It's particularly eye-catching when teamed with a fitted polo shirt, tailored pants, and a knitted cardigan that has the buttons done up all the way to the top. Perfect for the fall/winter season when the weather is a bit colder, add Chelsea boots for ultimate comfy cool.

Powerful Parka

The parka coat is a timeless mod staple, especially when it's combined with a fitted checked shirt, which is also considered undeniably mod. Globally recognized in the world of music, brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher from top British band Oasis are the inspiration for this look. To avoid it appearing too preppy or polished, you can even finish off this smart yet relaxed aesthetic with slim-fitting jeans and a classic bucket hat.

Mix and Match

When the original British Mods weren't in tailored suit separates, they were rocking skinny-fit chinos and coordinating them with boxy jumpers or sleek shirts (or sometimes both!) Mod is all about merging together formal and casual pieces to create a slick, stylized appearance. Looking "clean" is also a large part of it, which is why colors are kept solid and patterns are kept simplistic. Wear white chinos with a bold-hued sweater worn over a shirt and tie and loafers for the ideal mix of smart and casual.

A Burst of Color

For a braver, more unique appearance, choose rich, highly saturated hues when you're mixing and matching your mod outfit pieces. You could also contrast them, like this fusion of tan chinos with a plum suit jacket, to add interest to your look. Furthermore, mixing and matching doesn't have to solely refer to your outfit pieces. You can also mix and match your suit separates (like putting a plum jacket with a navy vest) to stand out for all the right reasons.

Bomber Jacket Modernity

If you don't have access to a parka coat, there's another style of jacket that was big on the mod scene in the 1960s. Enter: the bomber jacket. The great thing about a bomber jacket is that it can be dressed up or down. Its versatility and military aesthetic have made this piece very popular throughout the years as a perfect coat alternative for everyday occasions. Simply pair yours with a polo or button-up shirt, chinos, and high-top shoes for a sharp and sophisticated yet casual look.

The mod style for men is easy to achieve once you know how. Even though there seems to be a lot of rules upon first impression, it's actually about breaking the rules when it comes to what's considered casual and formal fashion. Merely experiment and play around with different mod pieces to find the perfect fusion of clean, contemporary, and classic.

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Mod Fashion for Men Pictures