Mod Fashion for Men Pictures

Music Meets Mod

Mod fashion for men pictures means looking at various fashions inspired from the 1960's.

In the movie, A Hard Day's Night, a reporter asked Beatles drummer Ringo Star if he was a "mod or a rocker"". Ringo famously replied, "I'm a mocker".

As you flip through these images, keep in mind that it's not necessary to incorporate all of the different looks featured.

Whether you choose a pair of Buddy Holly-esque glasses or a slim tie, it's the spirit of the look that counts most.

A Nod to Mod

The close cropped hair, the monochrome color, the jacket and tie- this look just screams mod fashion.

The most important thing to take away from this look is the color black and its monochrome application (pairing this look with a white shirt yields an entirely different effect!).

Here's Looking at You Kid

These next three images all involve the different types of eyewear that help convey the mod sense of style.

Note that the glasses are horn-rimmed.

Geek Chic

Mod is a marriage of geek chic, preppy styles and rocker sensibility.

Notice how it doesn't matter what clothes the model is wearing, the mod shines through.

Quirky Sensibility

Don't you just love the quirkiness of mod?

The black turtleneck (always a staple in the mod fashion world) paired with checkered eyewear defiantly thumbs its nose at conventionality.

Hats Off to You

A cap is very mod and very British (where mod style was born).

Again, it only takes one piece to give off tons of style.

Mod Fashion for Men Pics

Model style is inherent in mod fashion. All three piece suits and leggy models are welcomed!

Still Searching

This jacket is something the British rock group Oasis would most definitely wear.

Keep in mind that mod is a very "clean" look, so the rest of the outfit should be as simple as possible (think blue jeans and a white T-shirt).

Now, imagine this young man put on a pair of horn-rimmed glasses? Exactly.

If you are still searching for a new style, try the men's punk fashion pictures- it's sure to inspire.

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Mod Fashion for Men Pictures