Pictures of Late 70s Men's Fashion

Late 70s Fashions for Men

Fashions in the later part of the 70s were often flashy and eye-catching. Many men dressed like the stars they saw in the movies and wore white disco suits modeled after the one John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever, colorful shirts, and even platform shoes. This era was filled with styles that were never seen before, as well as some that were never seen again. Browse the following gallery of images to see the popular styles that men wore during this decade.

The Iconic Leisure Suit

Nothing could be more 70s than the leisure suit. This suit was typically made of polyester and came in an array of colors such as baby blue, green and tan. Men wore these suits with open collar shirts in contrasting colors.

Bold and Colorful

Bold colors and patterns were a popular choice for men's shirts. These shirts were typically form fitting, and they were worn to balance out wide-leg or flared pants styles.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets were worn as outwear and for fashion. These jackets were most often made of brown leather, and they were stiffer and more structured than coats of today. Leather jackets were a staple in most men's closets throughout the 70s.

Mad About Plaid

Plaids were popular in the late 70s, and men wore plaid jackets and plaid pants. Solid-colored shirts paired well with plaid and added a contrast to the pattern.

Jumpsuits for Men

Jumpsuits were another staple during the disco decade. Men's jumpsuits usually came in bold colors such as royal blue, red and green, and they were usually paired with patterned shirts.

Unique Pairings

During the late 70s, men wore combinations that were unique to the time. For example, it was not uncommon for men to pair a turtleneck with a chain necklace and a pair of elastic waist pants. Necklaces were designed in bold styles that grabbed attention and added interest to the outfit.

Large Lapels

Men's shirts in the 70s often had large lapels and collars. Shirts were worn open at the neck and exposed the chest. These types of shirts could be worn alone or under a jacket.

Ruffled Shirts

Ruffled shirts in colors such as orange, blue and green were quite popular in the later part of the 70s. Men wore these shirts under tuxedos and suits, and they were seen as stylish at the time.

A Unique Time in Fashion History

For many men in the 70s, anything went as far as style. From laid back hippie looks to tailored styles worn for dancing at nightclubs, men expressed themselves in a variety of fashions. Mixing and matching prints, fabrics, and colors was considered stylish for the time. Most of the popular styles of the 70s never regained popularity, but they remain a part of the decade's history.

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Pictures of Late 70s Men's Fashion