Pictures of Manly Men in Pink Shirts

Pictures of Manly Men in Pink

Pictures of manly men in pink shirts can inspire those who think they can't wear the color without looking effeminate. There are light, dark, and peach-tinged pinks perfect for any man's preference.

You can find pictures of manly men in pink shirts featuring t-shirts, polos, button-ups, and more. Men in all stages of life can--and do--wear pink.

Almost White, but Pink

Icy pink is almost white, so men who don't feel comfortable in a solid blue-toned pink may ease into the color with a pale pink button-up. It's still pink without veering into the salmon or mauve territories.

Salmon More Comfortable?

Salmon is a peach-toned pink that some men feel more at home in. It looks great on manly men with golden or olive undertones.

Try Dark Pink

Dark pink, especially one with a brown tinge, is another option for those who are afraid to wear medium or pastel pink shirts. Pictures of manly men in pink shirts illustrate the variety of pinks there are.

Accessorizing Pink Shirts

Businessmen young and old wear pink button-ups to work. They are fun to accessorize. Try ties in bold colors.

Pair Polos with Rugged Jeans

If you don't have an office job or you just don't want to wear pink to work, try a polo. Most shirts look manly against a pair of rugged blue jeans. Pink shirts are no exception.

Casual Pink Tees for Men

Pink tees are another option for those guys who prefer to wear pink on their days off from work. Wear them to school or to a social gathering.

Try Plaid!

If you still can't stomach plain pink shirts, you can still look like a manly man who doesn't mind wearing pink by adding a pattern, such as plaid. Balance the pink with a more masculine color like blue or black.

Think Pink

Don't overthink pink. It's fun to wear, fun to accessorize, and if you're still a bit iffy, replay the pictures of manly men in pink shirts. You'll remind yourself of the options you have when it comes to shades, patterns, and styles of shirts.

For more fun with this bold color, check out our pink and green neckties slideshow.

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Pictures of Manly Men in Pink Shirts