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While there are different industries and businesses that people work in, professional dress for men usually brings to mind office environments. For the professional, a suit and tie are the easiest ways to make sure you appear businesslike. You do have quite a bit of choice in suit, shirt and tie colors that will really reflect your personal style.

Depending on how conservative your job is, you may be able to work without the tie, but make sure you adhere to your company's dress code to present the most professional image. Here are some ideas on how men can dress to look competent, businesslike and very professional.

Great Outerwear

While men's suits typically come in basic colors, don't be afraid to use accessories wisely when the situation calls for it. This coat is simple and classic, but the scarf adds a subtle dash of color.

Ties that Work

Use your neckties as ways to incorporate more color into a basic work outfit. Slate grey is complemented well by this bright yellow accent.

Casual Settings

When a jacket isn't required, you can still look sharp with a well-coordinated shirt and tie. Make sure your shirt and slacks are pressed for the neatest look.

Dark Duds

A dark suit like this works well in cooler weather, but can also work during the spring in a lightweight material. Every professional man should own at least two or three good quality suits.

A Pop of Color

Professional dress for men like suits are universal. A bright red tie adds a splash of color to this neutral ensemble.

Casual Fridays

On dress-down days, you'll probably be able to ditch the tie. Just make sure the rest of your outfit still meets businesslike standards.

Smart Neutrals

Choose suits that complement your personal style and complexion. A neutral brown suit works well with this striped tie, but will also look great with a more adventurous choice.

Classic Appearance

Once you have a great suit, build around it with shirts and accessories that make the most of your appearance. When a suit fits you well, you feel more confident.

Want more ideas on professional dress? Try this Men in Suits gallery for even more businesslike style.

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Professional Dress for Men Gallery