Styles of the Metrosexual Male

Metrosexual man in a white, button down shirt

Trendy, sharp and always current, styles of the metrosexual male define all that is hot in the men's fashion world. Though the term was initially coined in the early 1990s, it was not until the 21st century that metrosexuality became a lifestyle for many men around the world.

The Birth of Metrosexuality

The word is certainly bandied about enough, both in the media and on the street. But what exactly does it mean? It may conjure up certain images, but a practical definition isn't far behind. The term was first coined in 1994 by journalist Mark Simpson, who used it to describe the single man with a penchant for shopping and, in general, the "good life." Simpson made a correlation between the metrosexual of the 1980s, who was only found in the pages of fashion magazines, to the metrosexual of the '90s, who was suddenly just as likely to be found walking down the street.

It was not until 2002, though, that metrosexuality became recognized as a lifestyle when Simpson penned an article that introduced English soccer star David Beckham as a noteworthy metrosexual. Needless to say, the term's mainstream status was solidified, and it was not long before major media publications picked up on it. Suddenly, metrosexual men were everywhere.

About the Quintessential Metrosexual

He's highly concerned with his wardrobe, his hair, his skincare routine and his fitness regimen. In short, he's got a bit of a softer side, at least in contrast to the traditional macho image that many men aspire to. He might be a regular at the salon, indulging in everything from massages to manicures without a second thought. He's no stranger to big name designers, frequents a slew of boutiques and confesses a great appreciation for bettering himself in every possible way. It's no surprise that the quintessential metrosexual is so fashion-forward!

Popular Styles of the Metrosexual Male

The typical metrosexual can wax poetic about everyone from Giorgio Armani to Louis Vuitton. His affinity for all things fabulous and fashionable lends itself well to a wardrobe chock-full of designer labels. No matter who designs them, though, there are a few basic styles of the metrosexual male that belong in every closet. Among them are these classic items:

  • Sweaters: He doesn't wear a bold sweater vest, but he's a big fan of crewneck sweaters made with Pullover Cable Knit Sweater|cable knit]]. Turtlenecks are also popular.
  • T-shirts: Don't go overboard; there's no room in the metrosexual's closet for a collection of tops that pay homage to your favorite tourist trap or sports team. The metrosexual subscribes to the theory that simple is best, and in this case black and white T-shirts are the best bet.
  • Button-down shirts: Most males own several button-down shirts, but the metrosexual notes a great appreciation for the shirt's cut and fit. It should skim the body and be worn in solid colors. At least one white shirt is favored.
  • Suits: A sharp suit is an impeccable find in any man's closet. Select one that is cut to flatter, preferably in a dark shade like black or charcoal.
  • Jeans: Jeans are usually no-brainers. Choose at least two pairs in two different cuts and washes, preferably something appropriate for lounging and another for going out. This way, they'll also mix and match well with everything from sweaters to blazers.
  • Short Coat: No trench coats here, folks. The metrosexual's coat is short, fitted and made with either suede or leather.
  • Pants: Beyond jeans and suit pants, basic dress slacks are necessities. Two pairs in dark, neutral shades will suffice; their legs should be cut straight and bear absolutely no pleating.
  • Accessories: The average metrosexual likely boasts a huge collection of trendy accessories already, but items such as sunglasses, wallets, watches and even handkerchiefs can be remarkably suave additions to an already fashion-conscious wardrobe.

Dos and Don'ts

As with just about everything involving fashion, there are plenty of dos and don'ts in the world of metrosexuality.

  • Do embrace solid and dark hues.
  • Don't make a habit of wearing bright patterns or anything overly embellished.
  • Do hang your clothes instead of folding them; you'll avoid wrinkles.
  • Don't wear ill-fitting attire. There is nothing more unflattering than a too-tight anything.
  • Do get alterations if your clothing requires it. In the long run, it's worth the expense.
  • Don't mismatch your ensemble. Attempt to pull it all together by matching your shoes with your belt.
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Styles of the Metrosexual Male