Tailorbyrd Mens Shirts

Tailorbyrd Shirts

Started in New York in 2002, Tailorbyrd men's shirts have been flying out of shops and onto stylish men's backs with increasing velocity. They can be found online and in more stores every year as the premium fabrics and distinctive design attract interest and desire.

The Look of Tailorbyrd Men's Shirts

Understanding that a quality man wants to wear quality clothes and is intrigued by unique designs, Tailorbyrd creates its own fabrics and designs to arrest the eye and please the wearer. They offer sports shirts, polo knits and dress shirts in bold colors and patterns, so that even what looks like a simple green shirt is anything but - it actually has a cunning houndstooth pattern. Moreover, with gingham, florals, paisleys and contrasting linings for added interest, these are shirts you can't help get excited about. Most of them are made of long staple cotton fibers for a luxurious look and feel. The interfacing and trim are worked with care so that the shirt will continue to look sharp even after laundering. Add that sizes on most shirts go up to XXL so that the big and tall men can dress for success too and you might have to start feathering your nest with more than one of these shirts.

Details of Tailorbyrd Men's Shirts

A Tailorbyrd sport shirt is a far cry from anything that smacks of being "usual." Here are some examples:

  • Logan. A multi-stripe shirt with crisscross stripes lining the inside of the collar band. It has a spread collar and a notch barrel cuff. The stitching is such that there are no puckering or twisted seams. The Logan is also available in a dazzling floral.
  • Harry. Featuring a spread collar with a double button, collar band, the Harry can come in a sharp gingham, bold stripes or lively paisley. All three have a beautiful contrasting lining in the collar and under the buttons, making them exciting to wear slightly open.
  • Kyle. Featuring a spread collar and barrel cuffs, the Kyle has a slightly smaller, but still comfortable, fit. It's made of 100% linen that can be machine washed - perfect for summer.

Dress Shirts

Tailorbyrd's dress shirts are even more distinctive, so whether worn for business or evenings out, you'll look anything but basic. The fibers are woven into 120s/2-ply fabric, making them especially luxurious.

  • Ethan. Features a point collar with single button collar band and double button, barrel cuffs. It comes in several colors either in solids, or in a fine stripe or windowpane pattern and has a Gentleman's fit.
  • Taylor. With a spread collar with single button band and double button barrel cuffs, the Taylor is presently available in the subtle houndstooth that wears with so much flair.

Polo Shirts

Just because you're going casual doesn't mean you can't still look sharp. The Tailorbryd polo is made of 100% Peruvian Pima cotton, whose quality is such that it takes dye readily, resulting in strong color registration, and emits a subtle luster, making it so much more than an ordinary shirt. The shirts come in a range of fun colors and each has a 3-button closure, chest pocket and the embroidered flamingo logo at the hem. They are machine washable.

Buying Tailorbyrd Men's Shirts

You can buy Tailorbyrd shirts on their Web site: Tailorbyrd, or you can use their store locator to find a brick-and-mortar shop near you so you can try on the shirts in person. In addition to independent men's wear shops, Tailorbyrd shirts are available at chain stores like Nordstrom, Mark Thomas, Rothman's, Von Maur and Rochester Big and Tall. The fine quality and reasonable prices mean that this fast-growing line will soon be available at many more locations.

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Tailorbyrd Mens Shirts