Tan Tuxedo Options

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A tan tuxedo is anything but an obvious choice for a formal affair. So if you want to stand out in the crowd and look dashing while doing it, opt for tan. Another great place for tan tuxes is a wedding. If black and white is too dark or stark, tan can be a comforting splash of color next to complementary bridesmaid dresses.

Finding a Tan Tuxedo

Finding a tan tuxedo is no easy task. If you want black, white, or ivory, you'll have a much easier time. If your heart is set on tan (and why wouldn't it be?), here are a few websites to check out. You may also want to check with your local tuxedo retailer. They may not have any in stock, but that doesn't mean they can't order you exactly the shade of formalwear you'd like.

  • Buy 4 Less Tuxedo has a latte colored tuxedo amidst a sea of beautiful browns and one navy in their "other colors" selection. It's called Parisian in Latte by Jean Yves, and you can expect to pay $349.00 for it there. This wool tuxedo features a 2-button notch, single-breasted coat with satin lapels, satin covered buttons, and a non-vented back.
  • Mens USA is a good place to check if you think you can get by with a nice tan suit instead of a tux. If you can wear a tan suit rather than a tan tuxedo, your choices become almost endless!

Buying vs. Renting

If you're only going to need a tuxedo for a handful of occasions in your life, your best option may be to rent. If you frequently dress up for formal events, it may be in your best interest to buy a tuxedo. Unless you plan to wear your tan tuxedo to quite a few of those events, though, you still may want to rent that one, keeping a more traditional black or white tuxedo in your closet.

Buy 4 Less Tuxedo has a great crash course in tuxedos, and one of those lessons covers buying versus renting. They make excellent points like:

  • If you buy, you'll get a perfect fit because you can have alterations done to the suit.
  • If someone doesn't turn in the tuxedo at the rental facility, and that's the tux you're supposed to wear, you may have to go with a substitute-in a different size.
  • The tuxedo you buy won't be as worn as a tuxedo you can rent. That wear and tear can affect the appearance of a tuxedo.
  • It's less stressful to know that you have a tuxedo safely tucked away in your closet, rather than having to schedule fittings and pick-ups prior to every formal event.

Therefore, if you plan to wear your tan tuxedo a few times, you might just want to go ahead and buy one. Weigh the convenience against the price, plus factor in how often you'll be wearing a tan tuxedo in your life as opposed to the more traditional colors.

Who Wears Tan Well?

One of the most common reasons men say they stick with "safe" colors is the fact that they're unsure of what looks good on them. Some will go so far as to say they're oblivious to what "cool" and "warm" tones are, and even what matches. It's easy to understand why men may be unsure about tan tuxedos. After all, an occasion to wear a tuxedo is an occasion to look your best. Who wants to look washed out or just silly?

It's easy to match top to bottom in a tuxedo, obviously, since it's a set. However, some men may be wondering if they could even pull off tan at all. In general, here are the best fits for tan:

  • Dark skin tones, especially when paired with dark hair
  • Warm undertones (your skin appears more yellow than pink, and the veins in your wrists appear to be green, not blue)
  • Redheads

How to Wear One

Now that you've decided you are a prime candidate for a tan tuxedo - whether you're buying or renting - you need to know what to pair with it. You know the options: vest, bow tie, tie, pocket square, and jewelry. What colors are complementary to tan?

Jewelry is easy. Any metal should be a soft yellow gold, following the warm palette.

As for the vest, the bow tie, the tie, or any other accessory, almost anything will go well since tan is a neutral color. You may want to balance it out with a deeper, bold color or you could go almost monochromatic with a pale gold. Specific colors to try include burgundy, navy, forest green, red, white, and even black.

It's up to the wearer and what he feels comfortable in. On the other hand, in the case of a wedding party, it's up to the bride and groom. The accessories will need to match or at least complement the bridesmaids' dresses.

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Tan Tuxedo Options