Tee Shirt Designs for Pool Players

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For the guy who loves a good game of billiards, wearing tee shirt designs for pool players will show everyone just how much he loves to rack 'em up.

A major concern for any pool player is comfort, so wearing a non-fussy shirt like a cotton tee is the perfect attire for having unencumbered movement. The last thing you want is a tight top that prevents you from making that perfect shot. You can remain cool and comfortable in a tee.

Buying Tee Shirt Designs for Pool Players

Tee shirts are so abundantly available that you should have no trouble finding a shirt that represents almost anything. Look into your local novelty shop; normally these type of stores carry assorted knickknacks from posters to keychains to games. Sometimes, they also carry tee shirts designed to amuse or unique tees with sport-related themes. There are designs for nearly every sport and activity. If you're looking for that perfect tee, check out the following retailers.

  • Pool Shirts: This online retailer carries a wide assortment of tee shirt designs, from the humorous to the suggestive. You choose the graphic you'd like, the style and then pick your size. No one will doubt what your favorite pastime is when you wear one of these tees.
  • Café Press Billiards: Not only can you find dozens of tee shirt designs here, but you can also buy sweatshirts, caps and more.
  • Redbubble: Everyone will know your love of the game when you wear one of the tees from this online shop. There are many different pool shirt design here, including a classic 8 ball, with or without a tribal background, as well as pool balls in a rack with the saying "Nice Rack," and more.
  • Old Never Die Store: As this Zazzle shop's name implies, the billiard theme here is "Pool players never die?they just have nice racks!" The "never die" logo is applied to an assortment of sports and activities, all on tee shirts.
  • Amazon: Here you'll find designs like "World's Okayest Pool Player," "Pool Takes Balls," and "Chalk Is Cheap."

Casual Comfort

With such a wide availability of different styles and designs, the guy who loves this game can pick and choose different tees depending on his mood. If you're the type who likes wearing funny tee shirts, there's plenty for you. Want to psyche out your opponent? There are tops made for that purpose, too.

With prices that fall in the inexpensive range, you can buy a shirt for every day of the week. Do not feel you can only wear these tees to your favorite pool hall. They are perfect casual comfort wear for informal occasions, whether you're just hanging with your friends or catching a movie. You won't have to tell anyone what your game of choice is when you wear a shirt like this: your tee will say it all.

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Tee Shirt Designs for Pool Players