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Turquoise Clothing for Men

Man in a turquoise shirt holding shopping bags

If you want to hearken the early days of spring or summer, turquoise clothing for men is a great seasonal choice.

Although choices for turquoise clothing for men are somewhat limited, resort wear and active wear designers usually carry this upbeat color in their warm weather lines. If you want to add a cheerful pop of color to your wardrobe, here's how to do it!

How to Wear Turquoise Clothing for Men

Nothing screams Miami Vice quite like a turquoise shirt paired with a crisp pair of white linen trousers and a matching blazer to boot. If you want to avoid the passé trends of the 80s, you'll need to wear bold colors carefully. Adding a pop of color to your wardrobe is a great way to revamp your closet without investing too much cash.

Many men choose to wear bright turquoise blue for several reasons. First off, blue is a male friendly color. Unlike orange or yellow, blue is a vibrant shade that most men feel comfortable wearing. If you scoff at the thought of shopping for a brightly colored shirt, perhaps a bright turquoise blue may change your mind.

Turquoise blue is also a very flattering color on many skin tones and colorings. Men with graying hair and blue eyes look especially striking while wearing this bold shade. On the opposite side of the color spectrum, men with dark skin and dark hair also look very appealing in this vivid yet cool shade. Turquoise blue also helps richen a bronzed tan, perfect for resort-goers who are proud to show off their golden glow.

To wear bright blue with confidence, follow these tips:

  • Limit your items to one bold piece: Forget about matchy-matchy when you're playing with bold colors. Keep your pop of blue simple and understated and don't overdo it.
  • Accessorize with jewelry: Turquoise jewelry can be paired with turquoise clothing without fear. Although you should wear only one brightly colored clothing article, feel free to accessorize your turquoise with turquoise stone jewelry if desired.
  • Keep it relaxed: Turquoise is a very relaxed and casual color. Rather than pair a bold color with a fussy suit and tie, let this color kick back with your favorite pair of baggy trousers and casual slip-on sandals.
  • Lighten up the bottoms: If you'd rather sport a cotton chino or short rather than a jean, opt for a light color such as white, stone, or mushroom.
  • Add richness: If going light and colorful makes you cringe, relax! You can pair turquoise blue with chocolate and rich browns for a sophisticated spin on a tropical classic. When a button down shirt gets paired with a chocolate brown pair of linen pants, the look is stunning!
  • Keep it up top: Luckily, there aren't too many selections for turquoise pants. To avoid a fashion disaster, keep your pop of color limited to a shirt or a sweater. Funny T shirts can also be found in this summer favorite shade of blue.

Where to Buy

The following Internet retailers have a variety of turquoise clothing for men:

Why Wear Blue

In a sea of colored shirts and bright picks, turquoise blue is a sophisticated and soothing color that looks great on many men. If people are always complimenting your blue eye color, make them the focus and enhance them with a blue shirt. If you want to hit the islands in style, ditch the Hawaiian shirt and opt for a classic solid turquoise blue for a look that can be paired with many of your essential wardrobe basics.

Turquoise Clothing for Men