Types of Dress Shirt Collars

Types of Dress Shirt Collars


There are many different types of dress shirt collars for men, and it can sometimes be difficult to know what the terms for these different collars mean. Following are some of the most common dress shirt collars, along with fashion and style tips.

Traditional Straight Collar


A traditional straight collar like the one pictured is probably the most common dress shirt collar for men. The tips of the collar point downward and there is only a small amount of space between the sides of the collar. Dress shirts with this type of collar can be worn with or without a tie.

Spread Collar


A spread collar is a modern looking collar that has more space between the sides of the collar. Spread collars come in quarter spread or half spread styles, ranging from 3 and 1/2 inch to 6 inch spreads. They can be worn with or without a tie, but many men prefer to wear this style with a tie. Windsor or half windsor knots work well with this type of collar to balance the wide spread.

Small Spread Collar


A small spread collar has less space between the collar edges than a traditional collar. The nearly vertical point are a good choice for heavier men or those with wider faces. Shirts with vertical stripes and these types of collars with go further to create a slim look.

Round Collar


A round or rounded collar, shown here on David Beckham, is a style that was popular in the 1920s. Modern men are bringing the look back with modern jackets for a fresh look.

Rounded collars work well for men with thin faces, since the rounded curves of the collar provide balance.

Button Down Collar


A button down collar is held down by small buttons at the tip of each collar. While these can be suitable for the workplace, they have a more casual feel than the traditional collar and can easily be worn without a tie or with jeans.

There are also inside button collars that provide the same look as the traditional collar, but with buttons securing the collar hidden underneath.

Tab Collar

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A tab collar is a business shirt that has a tab connecting the two sides of the collar. Its appearance is otherwise similar to standard collars. This type of dress shirt should only be worn with a tie.

Winged Collar

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A winged collar is the most formal type of collar, typically worn with tuxedos. This type of collar should only be worn with a bow tie.

Banded Collar

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A band or banded collar, also known as a mandarin collar, contains fabric that goes around the neck rather than folding out like other collars. Although this can be worn with suit jackets, it is a more dressy casual look.

Whether you choose a versatile traditional collar, modern spread, or casual tab, understanding the different types of dress shirt collars can help you choose the right look for every situation.

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Types of Dress Shirt Collars