Untucked Long Polo Shirts for Men

Untucked tops are extra casual!

Untucked, long polo shirts for men may well be the very definition of cool and casual. These comfortable tops are the go-to choice for many men, not only because of their relaxed fit and appearance, but also because of their extreme versatility.

Polos Make All the Difference

While T-shirts are hot items in the uber-casual males closet, polo shirts definitely have their place, too. Perhaps a step above as far as formality is concerned, polos are still part of the understated crop of men's apparel. They are appropriate to wear in the majority of situations, from errand runs to relaxed dates, and there are so many varieties available that it's nearly impossible not to find one that simply works.

Simply put, a polo shirt can mean the difference between a pulled together yet casual ensemble and one that is just plain casual. T-shirts generally lack the ability to seamlessly transition from situation to situation; they're really only good for the most relaxed moments in life. Yet a polo shirt is good for those and so much more. There's also something quite polished about a polo that fits well. Worn with a crisp pair of trousers, for example, it presents a clean-cut image. Worn with jeans, it's laid back yet still thoughtfully put together. You can't really go wrong!

But If You Want to Dress Down…

Don't hesitate to wear a polo shirt, though, if you want to dress down. It's not exactly the epitome of a dressy top, and it certainly doesn't hold a candle to a crisp, button down shirt in that department (though, to be fair, it can pass muster in a number of social situations that require more than casual but less than formal dress). The best way to go casual in a polo is to simply leave it untucked over a pair of shorts, jeans or pants. Since there are so many options with regard to style, it's not difficult to find one that works well with long, baggy shorts and flip flops and another that suits a pair of rugged jeans and boots. It's all a matter of choosing the right top.

Fit Matters

To an extent, fit matters when it comes to polo shirts. On the one hand, you don't want something snug, but you also don't want something so voluminous that you simply drown in its confines. That's quite a common problem, since most polo shirts are cut generously and loosely. Paired with baggy, low-hanging bottoms, it's become the uniform for a new generation. Avoid that at all costs, and shop with these simple points in mind:

  • Sleeve lengths vary - some are long, others are short. In either case, ensure that they don't bind or, alternately, bunch.
  • Keep an eye on the shoulder's seams. They should be in line with your shoulder, which essentially means you're wearing the right size.
  • The shirt should skim your body, not hug it snugly or, as mentioned, hang so loosely that you can't even feel it.

Wearing your polo shirt loose is the ultimate way to go casual. The key here is to ensure that it does not hang below the hip or lower. This is not flattering on anyone, and it generally just looks unkempt and poorly executed.

Shop for Untucked Long Polo Shirts for Men

Untucked long polo shirts for men are a personal preference - some gentlemen just prefer to tuck them in and opt for a more streamlined look in general. That said, certain styles just look great when worn untucked. During the summer, for example, there's nothing better than a cool polo shirt over comfy shorts. Some men might even consider making a statement during fall and winter, wearing their shirt untucked beneath a contrasting sweater and allowing the bottom to peek out slightly.

Check out these great options when shopping for polo shirts that will last you a lifetime:

  • 7 For All Mankind is known for its remarkable denim line, but their polo shirts are just as impressive. Available in an array of colors, they're perfect for wearing year round and fit just right.
  • Lucky Brand doesn't shy away from prints, and the label's polo shirts are no exception. Printed styles actually suit the untucked look very well; by nature, they're so casual that they just look right worn loose over a pair of jeans.
  • Merona, exclusive to Target, is a great option when you want to invest in a few tops but don't have a huge budget to dip into. Available in many styles, they present men of all ages with options galore.
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