Vintage Designer Handkerchiefs

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Not only are vintage designer handkerchiefs elegant additions to any wardrobe, they also make fantastic collector's items. As any item that proves hard to find tends to be, they are also considered great earners! If you have your own vintage hankies hiding somewhere, now may be the time to pull them out and see what you can do with them.

About Vintage Handkerchiefs

The world of vintage apparel and accessories is vast. Old items that have remained in good condition over the years are always in high demand amongst collectors and individuals who enjoy antique shopping. The appeal is in the memories they evoke, the beauty they recollect and the sheer joy of holding on to something that is essentially a relic of an era long past.

Vintage items range from clothing and shoes to handbags and handkerchiefs. The market for vintage handkerchief lovers may not be as satisfying for the novice who's just getting into the field, but for those who have dedicated time and research to finding those elusive hankies, there is a secret world of vintage goodies just waiting to be discovered.

Men and women alike can take great pleasure in collecting vintage items. Whether to actually wear or simply to keep at home in a safe place or on display to show off to friends and family, vintage items hold a special appeal that is almost inexplicable.

What could possibly be more intriguing than a basic vintage piece? A designer one may be the answer. Items that have the prestige of a big name attached to them are instantly more alluring (and all the more difficult to find!), and there's no doubt they'll fetch a pretty penny if put up for sale. Vintage designer handkerchiefs are special for that very reason; their old-fashioned beauty is unsurpassed..

Where to Find Vintage Designer Handkerchiefs

Now that you've got your mind set specifically on handkerchiefs, you may be wondering where exactly you could find such an anomaly. The truth is that they aren't impossible to find; in fact, a quick search online reveals a number of reliable sources that tout collections of vintage handkerchiefs for reasonable prices.

If you're looking for designer handkerchiefs, however, you may find yourself searching for quite a while. Despite the challenge it may present, there is nothing too difficult to find in a world where auction Web sites like eBay can resurrect items that we thought we'd never see again in our lives. With that in mind, there are a few places you can locate vintage handkerchiefs with a modicum of effort. These resources will set you down the right path.

Auction Web Sites

As already mentioned, eBay and similar auction Web sites are fantastic resources for tracking down elusive fashion items. A simple search for "vintage handkerchiefs," for example, yields several hundred results at any given time. Though many of the items available are women's products, there are some gems for gentleman to be found, too. Sort through the floral and bird motif styles and you'll likely find some masculine selections as well.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are a great place to track down vintage handkerchiefs. You may even be lucky enough to come across some designer ones; if you do, scoop them up! At estate sales, items can often be purchased in bulk for very little.

Antique Stores

Brick and mortar and online antique stores are excellent avenues to consider in your search for these very specific types of handkerchiefs. You may come across fine linen handkerchiefs still in their boxes. Keep in mind that handkerchiefs you find at antique stores or estate sales may be monogrammed with someone else's initials; these may not be the designer hankies of your dreams, but they hold a special appeal all the same thanks to their vintage status.

Things to Keep in Mind

When shopping for vintage handkerchiefs, keep a few things in mind:

  • The greater the amount of detailing, the more expensive the handkerchief will be.
  • If you prefer unused (and unwashed) handkerchiefs, keep your eyes peeled for boxed packages or selections marked specifically as unused.
  • Examine the handkerchief closely for signs of wear and tear. Holes, stains, frayed seams and similar damage are things to look out for.
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