Wear a Tie Casual

Undoing your tie is one option

Knowing how to wear a tie casual style can be an asset when you want to appear somewhat formal, but not uptight.

The Advantages of Wearing a Tie

Ties are a staple of men's professional dress and they convey a formality that is welcomed in the business world. The advantages of wearing a tie include:

  • Taken Seriously at Work: You are more likely to get hired for a job if you are wearing a tie, rather than not.
  • Coordinating/Pulling an Outfit Together: Ties can also help you color coordinate an outfit, or be the perfect finishing touch to a business suit.
  • Can Help After Work: Once work is done, don't ditch that tie just yet, as it can help you grab a table at an otherwise crowded restaurant!

However, even with benefits like these, many loath having to wear a tie, and it's in that spirit that they wish there was a way to wear one more causally. It is possible to wear a tie causal, but much like other areas of fashion, there are some rules to wearing it well.

How to Wear a Tie Causal Style

Some factors that influence the "casualness" of a tie include:

The Type of Tie

The type of tie you chose can be broken down into the fabric of the tie and the color or pattern of the tie. In terms of fabric, you have a choice between a sateen finish, or a matte finish (like that of cotton), but keep in mind that the fabric is second to the color of that tie.

How so? Well, consider the color red. Red tends to look formal no matter the fabric. On the other hand, ice blue, or orange, is often seen as "playful", or at the very least, more relaxed, than say, a deep maroon.

Length of the Tie

Length can also influence the degree of formality that a tie has. Typically, longer ties tend to look more causal than shorter ones. In many ways, this has to do with movement. Just as someone who swings their arms while walking tends to look more relaxed (even causal, if you will) than an individual who walks with their arms glued to their sides, so too do longer ties, that are able to move, look more causal.

Patterns v. Solids

Patterned ties, whether striped, checkered, or punctuated with symbols, also tend to look formal. For this reason, those that wish to appear more causal will do better to wear a solidly colored tie. Two exceptions to this fashion rule are ties that sport cartoon characters, or holiday themed ties, and those that have "large" stripes in unusual colors.

Look Even More Causal

You can look even more causal by:

  • Paring your tie with a vest, as opposed to wearing it with a suit jacket.
  • Taking off your suit jacket will also help you look more causal; going without a jacket always looks more relaxed.

In addition to these steps, you can look more relaxed by taking off your jacket and rolling up your sleeves.

Shop For Causal Ties

The following online shopping sites offer a wide selection of causal ties from which one can choose:

  • Macy's: At Macy's you can find a large selection of men's ties in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Nordstrom: Even though the ties are a bit more expensive, you'll like some of the more unusual shades (for example, cantaloupe) available here.
  • Tie Drake: If you like your ties in silk, then try Tie Drake. Not only are these ties made of silk, but the prices are manageable (abo9ut $30.00 per tie), and the wide color selection makes this a site to visit.

Putting It All Together

Wearing a tie causally can be done if you take a multipronged approached. Remember to keep the color, as well as length, in mind before you purchase the tie of your choice.

Along with this, you can also take other measures, like that of rolling up your sleeves, or going without your jacket, in order to appear more causal. Whether you employ just one of these tactics, or all of them, know that it is possible to wear a tie, and still look causal.

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