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For men who want a more convenient alternative to tying a knot every morning, zipper ties may be just what they need. They are also ideal for men who don't know how to tie a knot!

About Zipper Ties

Consider it one of the most useful items in men's fashion. Zipper ties (or "zip tie") make it possible to throw a tie on and adjust it in a matter of seconds. The functional design resembles a regular tie, but features a permanent knot. A zipper mechanism lies hidden behind the actual length of the tie (the area that runs down the front of a shirt). This can be adjusted to fit the neck. Zip ties are available for males of all ages.

The Benefits

You find yourself frantically rushing to get ready on a harried Monday morning. You overslept the day of an important meeting. You have a last-minute formal event to attend. There are so many reasons to rely on the effortless zipper tie. Essentially, it makes wearing a tie a snap!

While it's an obvious timesaver in these situations, it also comes in quite handy for men (or young men) who have not mastered the art of tying a knot on a regular tie. A zip tie looks just as polished and impeccably neat as a regular tie, and no one will ever be the wiser!

How to Use It

A zipper tie could not be much easier to use! This convenient accessory is essentially foolproof. To wear it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Slip the tie around your shirt collar, similar to the way a necklace is worn.
  2. Pull the permanent knot up toward your neck, so that it is secure against the topmost button of your collar.
  3. Slide the zipper along the length of the tie to adjust it accordingly until it is comfortable. For ease, keep a hold on the knot with one hand while adjusting the zipper.
  4. To remove the zip tie, simply pull the zipper down, loosen the tie around the collar and remove it.

The Clip Versus the Zip

You'll find a variety of zip ties on the market today. It competes with clip-on ties in the convenience department, but many adult males find that the zipper style is much more effective in terms of proper fit. The two styles are as easy as one another to actually wear, but men may find the zip style more versatile for their work and dress wardrobes.

For the Younger Set

Of course, there are zip ties available for boys, too (and even infants!). The convenience zipper ties offer is unsurpassed, and little ones may find it quite a relief to wear a tie that does not require all that cumbersome fiddling and knotting! The zip tie is perfect for church settings, weddings, special events and even school uniforms. In fact, many uniform stores offer a zip tie option for students.

What to Look For

Whether your penchant is for sleek, classic styles or wild, brilliant designs, you're highly likely to find a zip tie that meets your needs. A silk style in a solid color is always a safe bet for formal occasions, while a simple polyester variety in any neutral hue is ideal for the workplace or a meeting. More vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns can serve as great complements to simple shirts, or to add a touch of pizzazz to an informal evening event.

Where to Purchase

Zipper ties for males of all ages are widely available. If you prefer to shop for neckties in person, you will have no trouble tracking them down! Major department stores usually carry a strong selection of zip ties, as do many specialty online tie retailers. These are just a few:

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