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Edgy looks that are as hip as the man wearing them is what avant garde men's fashion is about. Clothes that are modern yet different and unusual are perfect for the man who doesn't want to conform to the latest trends. This outfit from 3.1 Phillip Lim consists of tight black pants paired with a sheer black and cream striped shirt. It's sure to turn heads no matter where it's worn. For more avant garde looks, check out the following images for great ideas.

Individual Style


3.1 Philip Lim demonstrates how simple cream shorts and a long-sleeved paisley top can look super stylish yet showcase a man's individual style. Not just anyone can pull off this look but if you are a confident male who likes to push the envelope, this look is made for you!

All Black


What could look cooler than wearing all black? Rag and Bone layers a basic black tank under a black sheer sweater and pairs it with black and grey striped pants. For an unexpected accent, wear brown chunky boots with colored laces.

Unique Accessories


Consider adding a pop of color to a dark ensemble with a unique accessory. Rag and Bone uses a red cap to complete this task. Matching clothing can be paired with accessories that will accent and add interest to a monochromatic look.

Layer It Up


Grungy yet pulled together is the look that Mik Cire achieved with this ensemble. Consider layering your favorite pieces to create a unique outfit that will reflect your personality. To finish your creation, add a trendy knit cap and a great pair of boots.

Express Yourself


This outfit by Duckie Brown shows that avant garde men's fashion is all about attitude.

Clothing should be about self-expression. Wear items that you feel good in and are a direct reflection of your own style. There's no need to conform to the latest trends and styles when you can create your own and embrace the looks that you are confident wearing. By mixing it up, you can create an individualized style that is like no other!

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Avant Garde Men's Fashion