Best Sunglasses for Men

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The best sunglasses for men consist mostly of styles that are neither too angular nor too rounded, with superior technology that can keep up with all types of lifestyles. The best frames are often made of lightweight metals and the lenses offer 100 percent UV protection.

The Best Sunglasses for Men

So how do you choose the best sunglasses for yourself from the list of best sunglasses for men in general? A good place to start is by looking at how angular your face is. The more angular your face, the more rounded edges you can get away with; if your face is round, opt for more angular styles.

Be sure that you look at the width of the lenses and bridge as well. If you have a wide face or large head, you may have to try on quite a few pairs before you're satisfied. In addition, don't choose sunglasses that are narrower than the widest part of your face, and be sure to take a look at the fit of the arms against your skin. They may not feel uncomfortable at first, but after a few hours of wear, you'll wish you'd shopped around a bit more.

Gucci Metal Aviators

Metal aviators of any kind will work, but Gucci does them beautifully. Aviators are a great, classic style for almost anyone because they balance angles and curves in such a way that makes them complementary to those with round faces and those with a strong jaw. Aviators are also available in several sizes, making them an option for almost any face regardless of width or length.

For men who don't like to chase trends, metal aviators are the perfect pick. They've been around for decades and don't seem to be on their way out any time soon. Take care of them and you can wear them for years.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

This is another classic style that's been around since the 1950s but really became popular in the 1980s with their appearance in ''Risky Business''. There have been several tweaks, color option availabilities, and even redesigns during their history, but the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is still an unforgettable style that is flattering on most men. Try it in black or tortoise with gray lenses for a fashion statement you don't have to think twice about; you'll know you look great.

Fossil Garrison

The Fossil Garrison is a reasonably priced, versatile rectangular model (and best seller for Fossil) that will look good on several different face shapes. The lenses are polarized and offer 100 percent UV protection and the understated metal finish will keep the attention on the man, not the sunglasses. describes them as having "a touch of vintage, a touch of modern."

Maui Jim Stingray

If you want something a little flashier than understated metal, but without the recognizable shape of a Ray-Ban Wayfarer, check out the Maui Jim Stingray. They are built for effectiveness in many different activities, offering spring temples, saltwater effectiveness, adjustable metal core temples, SuperThin™ glass lenses, and more. They're available in a glossy black frame with gray lenses or tortoise with HCL Bronze lenses and can be fitted with your prescription if necessary. The slight wrap style and thicker arms will keep the sun out of your eyes in style. Reviewers at sites like say that they're comfortable, stylish, and last a long time.

Alexander Wang Tortoiseshell Acetate Curved

Ask Men called the Alexander Wang Tortoiseshell Acetate Curved sunglasses some of the best for men. If you enjoy classic styles with a twist so that you'll stand out without looking zany, these are a great choice. Because of their relatively rounded shape, they'll look best on men with stronger jaw lines. These sunglasses won't be for everyone or for every outfit, but they do have an almost vintage look that many men can appreciate.

Choosing Your Best Pair

For anyone looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, it boils down to face shape, wardrobe, and what you want your sunglasses to do. If you want to wear your sunglasses for sports and still be able to wear them with almost anything in your wardrobe, shop for very basic styles in black, brown, or a metal you feel complements your skin tone. If you're wearing your sunglasses for fashion only and don't mind having more than one pair, branch out and shop for some of the quirkier styles out there, like the Alexander Wang model.

Remember to balance out your features if you're not in the market for a pair that balances curves and angles while coming in a variety of sizes, like the aviators. Angular faces can pull off rounder shades while round faces should stick to more rectangular styles. Once you've decided how you want your sunglasses to perform, you'll be able to find the best sunglasses not just for men in general, but for yourself.

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