Tall Men's Activewear

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A satisfying workout begins with comfortable tall men's activewear that allows him to move freely and move without constriction. Given the growth of tall fashion for men, it's no surprise that there are so many options available today.

The Right Clothes Are Essential

Most people rev themselves up for heading out for a jog or a session at the gym. A healthy breakfast, fluids and plenty of rest are all great additions to an everyday regimen that increase the chances of a productive, successful workout. What about clothes, though? Believe it or not, fashion takes almost as much precedence in the workout world as anything else.

The purpose of appropriate workout wear is to allow the body to breathe. Proper clothes will wick moisture away from the body, keep you cool and comfortable and regulate body temperature. Anyone who has worked out in baggy, cumbersome attire can attest to the fact that proper workout attire is absolutely essential.

Tall Men's Activewear Shopping Tips

Tall men who enjoy physical activity know it's impossible to get much from a workout in anything but the right clothes. From pants to shirts to T-shirts to jogging suits, there are garments designed specifically to suit the tall man's physique. Keep these points in mind when shopping for your workout wardrobe.

  • Elastic waist pants are always an excellent bet. Keep in mind that you're not dressing for a special occasion! This is purely about your comfort. Elastic waists pull on easily, and pants that feature elastic usually also have a drawstring or cord at the waist to adjust the fit.
  • If your activewear doesn't involve jogging so much as hiking or taking part in nature activities, you will want to seek out bottoms made from materials like twill or cotton blends. Always seek out elastic waists for the most comfortable fit.
  • Seek out clothing that is specifically marketed to tall individuals. These will typically be constructed with longer torsos and sleeves, lower elbows and knees, longer inseams and leaner or larger cuts, depending on your body type.

Where to Shop

Knowing where to shop is imperative. Though you could probably find an acceptable pair of pants and a comfortable T-shirt at your local Target, you would do far better to seek out attire that is built for your size. These retailers cater to tall men's activewear:

  • JCPenney: For an outstanding selection of tall activewear that is affordable and durable, look no further than the storied department store. Available both online and in retail stores, the selection includes everything from crew shirts and pullover hoodies to loose, open-leg pants and workout cargo pants.
  • REI: Look no further than REI for a selection of clothing that covers all of the outdoor bases. The store offers a great selection of tall attire for fishermen, hikers and general outdoorsy types who spend plenty of time in nature. Look for mountain pants, fleece pants, long-sleeve tops and convertible pants, among other pieces.
  • Rochester Big and Tall: For all of your activewear needs, this online superstore has just what you require to see you through in comfort. Choose from comfortable golf vests, basic T-shirts, windbreakers, track vests, track pants, pull-on pants, fleece jackets and much more.

Before You Purchase

Keep in mind that it's always a good idea to try the garment on before you purchase it. Perform a few moves to ensure that it actually fits properly: stretch your arms over your head and bend at the knees and waist. If your shirt rides up or your pants don't feel (or look) right, keep searching. Your comfort is certainly worth the effort.

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Tall Men's Activewear