Men's Wide Leg Dress Pants

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Men's wide leg dress pants provide a more comfortable fit for those with large thighs, but they also add a bit of edgy, sartorial style to an otherwise staid looking outfit. Whether one chooses them for comfort or to make a fashion-forward statement, these dress slacks are an essential wardrobe staple for a bespoke look.

What Are Men's Wide Leg Dress Pants?

Dress pants with wide legs have a fuller cut in the thigh and leg and usually have a pleated front versus a flat front. The hem circumference on wide leg pants is a generous 22 inches rather than the 19 inches found on standard men's slacks.

While many men choose them simply because they offer a better fit for the thicker portion of the upper leg and hips, others like the flowing silhouette they create. Celebs who favor wide legs pants, like Magic Johnson and Steve Harvey, are proof that wide leg dress pants are universally flattering.

They are great office wear staples and can transition straight into casual Friday looks by simply swapping suit coats for blazers and jackets. Wide leg pantsuits are often used for formal dress to allow men to be dressed up but not uncomfortable.

Tip: Order an extra pair of pants if you are buying a wide leg pantsuit because slacks wear out faster than suit jackets. By rotating the pants, you extend the wearable life of the suit and get a better return on your dollar investment.

Dress Pant Fabrics


Dress pants are made of many types and weights of wool like tropical weight wool or super lightweight, high twist wools referred to as Super 100s, 120s and so forth up to Super 200s. A common misconception is that the higher the number, the better the fabric. In fact, the numbers are simply a grading system that describes the way the textile is woven. In actuality, slacks made from the higher numbers like Super 150s and Super 200s may wrinkle more easily and be extremely high maintenance in terms of care. Super 100s and 120s are good choices for dress pant fabrics as they are usually the most stable and durable textiles.


Textile blends of cotton and polyester or other fibers are commonly used to create dress slacks that are breathable, comfortable, and resist wrinkles so they look good all day long. As a plus, these garments are usually quite affordable.

Linen and Silk

Linen and silk are popular choices for lightweight dress slacks because the fabrics wick moisture from the body to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, while the luxurious feel and softness of the fabric offers an enjoyable wearing experience. The downside to both fabrics is the fact that they wrinkle easily and may not look as fresh after a day's wear as other types of textiles.

Dress Pant Types and Style Details

Wide leg slacks are available in single, double or triple pleated fronts. While some inexpensive brands may be unlined, it is more common for these types of slacks to be lined to the knee. Fly front zip closures are usually standard as are rear pockets with or without a button tab and side slash pockets.

Shopping for Dress Pants

Men's wide leg dress pants can be found in most men's clothing stores and at online retailers like these:

  • Men's Italy: Browse through their collection of wide leg dress slacks available in a wide range of colors and fabrics to suit any man's taste and wallet.
  • Men's USA: Comparison-shop quickly and easily by browsing the wide selection of dress pants featured here.

To Cuff or Not to Cuff?

When men's pants are bought off the rack (OTR), they are usually unfinished and must be hemmed to suit the customer. This means individuals must decide whether to have the slacks cuffed. While deciding on cuffs is ultimately a matter of personal preference and taste, consider this. Cuffs can be removed and the pants finished with a plain hem should one desire a different look for an outfit. The alteration cost is usually minimal.

Traditionally, plain front pants are finished with plain hems while pleated front pants are cuffed. Wide legged dress pants look best if finished with a cuff because the weight of the cuff helps the fabric drape and look better.

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Men's Wide Leg Dress Pants