Company Selling Renaissance Style Men's Shirt


Looking for a company selling Renaissance style men's shirts? There are a number of small companies that do so. Your best bet is to look for anyone specializing in costumes. Any time of year, you can usually find someone associated with a Renaissance faire who will sell items from a web site, sometimes even made to order.

Company Selling Renaissance Style Men's Shirt

Whether you are interested in it for Goth wear, dark fantasy, steampunk, a Renaissance faire or just because it's your style, the loose and romantic look of a Renaissance shirt always has appeal. Many small design shops specializing in any of the above areas will have what you are looking for - in choosing a company selling Renaissance style men's shirts, you can best narrow down shopping options by looking for a shirt made of high-quality fabric with an eye towards the most accurate design. The loose and flowing nature of the shirts means they don't have to be tried on before purchasing, so long as you get accurate measurements through the shoulder, arms, chest and length. You'll also find that many of the companies sell the same models, but most have something else to offer as well.

A Variety of Options

Dark Knight Armoury has a large selection of clothing for men. A few of these include:

  • Assassins Creed II Ezio. From the popular video game, this is a shirt that works well with any Renaissance or pirate outfit. It is light peach and made of a poly-cotton blend. It has folded lapels, three bow ties up the front and ruffled wrists.
  • Captain Quincey. Also great for pirates, this drawstring shirt is made from rayon viscose and has a special sleeve design to give you snug wrists and a loose fall, perfect for swordplay.
  • Early Renaissance. A classic design with modern touches, like elastic wrists and a rayon viscose. There is a lightly ruffled collar at the V-neck.

By the Sword carries many of the same shirts, with a few variations, including:

  • Fleur de Lis Drop Yoke. Great for being a knight, this shirt has open sleeves and a fleur de lis design under the V-neck.
  • Renaissance Trimmed. Can be worn by men or women. A loose and lightweight shirt that comes in a variety of colors. However, you might prefer the natural or white, as these are made from 100% cotton. There is metallic trim at the neck and cuffs.
  • Renaissance Long. Perfect for wearing over leggings with a belt, this shirt has a lace-up front with ruffles at the neck and sleeves that are simple and yet elegant enough to make this a shirt acceptable for dressier occasions.

Faire Ware offers a more handmade design, although it opts for modern fabrics to keep the costs lower. They only have two men's shirts: the Pirate, which has a criss-cross tie up the front through metal grommets and elastic wrists. Then there is the Nordic, for a more Viking Renaissance. The collar can be worn up and tied, or open with wide lapels. It works well under doublets. You can opt for either ruffled cuffs that tie or elastic wrists.

Misty Thicket is a company selling Renaissance-style men's shirts that are all handmade and of higher quality. While these will cost you more than many of the other shirts you can find, it's better suited for those who are serious about reenactment. You can choose fabrics like natural cotton, linen or Egyptian cotton. They do still use elastic in the wrists, but as these allow for greater comfort, all but the most intense players are happy to shrug it off.


If you wish to be the most truly authentic, you will usually have to get a pattern and make or have something made yourself. There are many sites ready to help. Start with All About Renaissance Faires to get suggestions and find everything you need.

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Company Selling Renaissance Style Men's Shirt