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Cool Swim Trunk Styles for Men

Time For Fun!

Cool swim trunks for men can come in many different forms, and understandably, "cool" is a relative term.

In other words, several factors, including color, can make swim trunks trendy. Graphic prints can also make a style look more current or modern.

The best way to choose a cool swim style is to find the look that speaks to you the most. This way, you'll feel great and comfortable!

View Cool Swim Trunks for Men

From Ed Hardy, here's a swim trunk with a slight fire, almost Mayan-like take on men's swim trunks.

With this mixture of green, red and black accent, the punk-like hair style makes perfect sense.

Cool Blue

What's the coolest color of them all? According to Ed Hardy, it's blue.

Decorative, without being over the top, these trunks are made for the water, but stylish enough o lounge in while poolside.

A Killer Design

This "Love Kills" design features a smiling skull with a thorn-like motif. Shades of blue, white and grey add to the allure of these trunks.

True Religion Gets In On the Act

True Religion has a few cool swim trunks of their own. Get into the swim act with this pair of patterned black shorts.

Pairing with a shirt is optional.

Ready For the Surf

An even more relaxed style is this black print. The tiny decorations mean all eyes will be on you, not your shorts!

Swim Out Loud

Half of these shorts feature large printed words, while the other half is a kaleidoscope of bright red, black and purple.

A cool look for hot summer days, for sure!

Plaid Is Right

Sometimes, plaid strikes just the right note.

This deceptively simply gray/blue and white design strikes just the right note between current and fashionable, timeless and classic.

Rock N' Roll Flair

No matter which "cool" design you ultimately choose, the important factor is how you wear it.

Additions like a denim shirt and a necklace can make your overall style shine even more.

Need more inspiration? See even more looks by visiting a guys' board shorts slideshow.

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Cool Swim Trunk Styles for Men