Custom New Era Men's Hats

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If you want a baseball cap with style and flair, you want a custom New Era men's hat. Men in the know, however, know that New Era makes a lot of other styles of headgear as well and their low prices mean you can get a whole wardrobe of fitted hats to wear all year long.

Custom New Era Men's Hats Meaning

The official web site for New Era apparel does not discuss customizing the hats. What is actually meant by "custom" in the case of New Era is that they are all fitted hats, so it is as though they were custom-made for your head just like in the golden age of hat-making. So whether you want a baseball cap that represents your favorite team or style, or a classic hat like a fedora or a trilby - but one whose styling makes it very trendy and now - there is a custom New Era men's hat out there for you.

Shopping in the New Era

It is very easy to browse the New Era site. If it's a team hat you want, you can search by team. Or you can select a style. A lot of men like the look of a cap with a bit of extra style and for that, there is the "Gatsby" collection of vintage-inspired caps. These include:

  • EK Ellicott. This olive-green cap has a wool crown with a red plaid visor and print lining. The metal New Era flag is on the left side.
  • EK Elmwood. A khaki cap with a ribbed design in panels extending from the large center button. The visor is in a contrast fabric.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Team Sunday. A unique way to celebrate a team, with a tweed cap that has an embroidered Dodgers team logo on the back.

Other vintage-inspired custom New Era men's hats include the Fedora, a brown tweed hat with a contrast plaid band, and the Trilby, which is a light summer hat with a large rounded brim and woven band.

You might also enjoy shopping for New Era hats at Hats in the Belfry, which specializes in some of the more whimsical patterns. These include:

  • EK Mallard Duckbill. Called so because the Gatsby line does have a shape similar to a duck's bill, this is a cap that is plain at the back but features two plaid panels at the front. It's a summer hat with grommets on the side and a bright blue jacquard lining for comfort and air flow.
  • EK Variegate Plaid Baseball Cap. The front is an olive, blue and black plaid, while the back is a white mesh, making for a funky and comfortable summer hat.
  • EK Pitch Plaid Baseball Cap. A green sublimated plaid in green, white and black distinguishes the front while the mesh back is black, making for a striking cap.
  • EK Earflap Plaid Earflap Cap. You can channel a bit of the classic Sherlock Holmes with this wool-blend two-tone cap. The plaid earflaps look great buttoned in place and fall down to cover your ears when the wind kicks up. The lining is soft and has a matching sweatband for superior comfort.
  • EK Conniption Cotton Earflap Cap. This cap evokes the newsboy in color and style. Although it's made of cotton, the subtle plaid lining is quilted so that, with the fold-down ear and neck flaps, it actually works as a winter hat.
  • EK Peyz Argyle Ball Cap. Argyle becomes funky with this brown baseball cap. The front panel is dark brown with a beige argyle pattern running across it, while the faux suede brim is also beige. The back is dark brown mesh.

Fashion-Forward Style

Because New Era prides itself on being fashion-forward, the styles are always changing and there is always something new. When you see something you love, you need to snap it up before it's gone.

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Custom New Era Men's Hats