Designer Shirts for Tall Men

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Designer shirts for tall men are a great choice for those seeking high quality garments with a timeless appeal. Don't let the word "designer" fool you, though - you can often find great shirts by reputable labels at reasonable prices.

Fashions for Tall Men

While average sizes do usually feature a more diverse selection of styles and names, there are many well-known designers out there who cater to tall men. These designers recognize that men come in all shapes and sizes, and so there is little to no limitation in the types of clothes that can be found in their tall collections. From casual to dressy attire, there is something for every man and every occasion.

Know Your Size

As tall men know, it's important to focus on a few key details when shopping for basics. A great designer shirt is only truly great - and therefore worth the money - if it fits to perfection and flatters you. For this reason, it's imperative that you know your measurements prior to making that big designer purchase. Take into consideration these points when shopping for a shirt:

  • Measure your neck beneath your Adam's apple. Remember to include an extra half-inch so that the shirt does not constrict at all.
  • Measure your arms from the top of the shoulder to the wrist. For the most accurate measurement, ask someone to do this for you (or have it done in a shop).

Though many shirts are sold in standard sizes that follow the small to extra large (or larger) scale, others follow the measurement scale. In this case, the neck and arm measurements you perform will come in essential to determining the best shirt for your body.

Brands of Designer Shirts for Tall Men

Designer shirts are perfect to wear nearly anywhere. They can fit beautifully into an existing professional wardrobe, and they add instant class to something basic, like a pair of khakis or jeans. Their versatility is easily credited to the fact that there are so many designer styles available for tall men in today's diverse market. A few of the brands that carry designer shirts for tall men include:

  • Calvin Klein: For the man with refined tastes, Calvin Klein is an excellent choice. You'll find plenty of traditional button down shirts here, perfect for everything from casual lunch dates and work meetings to sporting events and the golf course. Find an excellent selection online at Rochester Big & Tall.
  • Michael Kors: Famous for his classic American designs, Michael Kors is no stranger to beautifully constructed garments that last a lifetime. His shirts for tall men include a number of styles, ranging from sporty checked button-down tops to sharp looking polo shirts with contrasting trim and other visually intriguing details. Though some styles are available at the official Michael Kors website, many can also be found at Rochester Big & Tall.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren: Shop the Big & Tall department at the Ralph Lauren website to find a vast selection of designer shirts that are at once stylish and classic. Known for their timeless designs, the collection includes smart dress shirts and more casual styles, like plaids, checks, twills and even work shirts.
  • Theory: The man with discerning tastes will no doubt appreciate the special details and impeccable craftsmanship of a Theory shirt. Available in long sizes, these shirts are certainly the definition of designer when it comes to pricing, but are known to be worth every penny. Built to last, these shirts include solids and patterns and are perfect to wear everywhere from work to play. Find them online at Nordstrom.

Other Tips

It's possible you'll find the shirt of your dreams online, but aren't entirely sure it will fit. Don't avoid purchasing just for this reason, though! Check the retailer's return and exchange policy to ensure that you can send it back if you aren't satisfied. Most garment retailers do offer reasonable policies, so you can generally shop without worry. As always, try the shirt on in store if you can't get a good feel for it simply by looking at it. With these tips in mind, you'll get years of wear from your designer shirt.

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Designer Shirts for Tall Men