Expensive Silk Ties

Italian silk ties

Many men love the luxury of expensive silk ties. Nothing can complete the look of your outfit and show your good taste in fashion better than a well-made necktie.

About Silk Ties

Neckties come in a range of materials from polyester to silk. The most expensive, silk ties, remain a popular choice for the fashion-conscious male. Silk ties are adored for their feel and overall look. When you slip one on, you immediately feel what makes them so special. Ties made from silk are available from various designers and can be found in a range of prices. Those made from 100% silk are the most expensive.

Types of Expensive Silk Ties

It is possible to find silk ties in a range of styles and colors. Expensive silk ties can be found from Italian designers such as:

  • Armani
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Valentino
  • Versace

Italian silk ties can cost anywhere from $150-$200 on average, and many can be even more expensive depending on the quality of silk and the designer.

Silk ties come in a wide range of colors. Almost any color under the rainbow can be found in a tie. Some popular silk tie colors include solids such as red, black, navy and grey. Many men like soft silk tie colors such as pink, purple or even white.

Other designs that remain popular for silk ties include:

  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • Patterns such as paisley or abstract
  • The designer's signature logo

There are endless possibilities for silk ties so there is no lack to being able to show your individual style. From subtle to bold, there is a tie to match any man's style or personality. If you need a gift for that man who has everything, surprise him with a luxurious silk tie. It will be a gift that will be appreciated every time he wears it.

Shopping Options

Finding a silk tie should not be a problem. They can be found at department stores, men's shops as well as most places where suits are sold. In addition, there are sites online that feature a variety of silk ties, often at great prices. Some sites to check out include:

  • Bluefly has silk ties from designers such as Gucci, Armani, Lanvin and many more. Ties on this site are often around 20% less than the retail price.
  • Forzieri features top designer ties in the latest colors and patterns.
  • Raffaello Ties has a wide selection as well as great deals on designer silk ties from the top names in fashion.

Tips for Caring for Silk Ties

Since a silk tie can be an expensive accessory, it is essential to care for it properly in order to keep it looking its best. One of the most important things you can do is to always untie your silk tie when you take it off. This will reduce the creases and crinkles that can occur. If you do need to iron your tie, only use steam. Protect the tie by placing a towel between the steamer and the tie.

If you happen to spill something on your tie, it is important to try to remove the stain immediately. Never use harsh chemicals on silk. Try to blot the stain with an absorbent towel or napkin. Water should not be used on silk. When in doubt, take your silk tie to a professional who will be able to dry clean it for the best results.

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Expensive Silk Ties