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Extra tall men's clothes are available at select stores for men who are well over six feet tall. However, knowing your measurements and the options that are available are the keys to looking your best. Becoming familiar with your inseams, arm lengths, and the styles that are great for your height is well worth knowing.

Difference Between Tall and Extra Tall Sizes

According to Halls.md.com, the average American male height is 5 foot 10 inches. So guys, if you've been thinking you are tall - you may not realize you're actually considered average height. Men who are technically considered tall have a height of 5 foot 11 inches to 6 foot 2 inches, and those who are taller than 6 foot 2 inches are considered extra tall, as stated by House of Marbury.

Those who struggle with inseams and sleeve lengths that just never seem long enough, or you have a hard time finding ties and shoes that fit the way they should, it may be worth checking out extra tall men's clothes.

Tips for Shopping for Extra Tall Sizes

With the varying needs men face when getting dressed, many are unsure of where to shop when it comes to their height and shape. Overall, anything that is available for average height and shorter men is available for extra tall guys. You just have to know where to look for it.

  • For instance, a man who has a waist size that extends beyond a 42 an inseam of 34, or who needs a sleeve longer than 35 inches is one who should wear larger sizes available for tall men. Whether you are shopping online or in store, getting measured for the right fit can prevent you from looking unkempt.
  • The sizes that are best for a man who is lean and tall are pants with inseams that range from around 36 inches up to around 42 inches. Shirts sizes that are complimentary to this frame are L Tall to XLT.
  • Before hitting the stores to fill up your closet, knowing the sizing scale is imperative. As a guide, use the chart below using the sizing ranges from Burlington Coat Factory for an understanding to know which sizes will work best for you - especially when you are shopping on a budget.
Chest 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60
Neck 16 - 16.5 17 - 17.5 18-18.5 19-19.5 20-20.5
Sleeve 37-38 37.5-38.5 38-39


Waist 36-38 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54

Keep in mind, however, that retailers and specific brands often use their own sizing and size charts, so always look at the specific sizing before you purchase.

Six8 Clothing Company

Six8 Clothing Company is an online retailer founded by Mark Brandsma, who is 6'8 tall and understands the clothing needs of extra tall men. From suits and separates to joggers, outerwear and knits, you can find just about everything you need to create a versatile wardrobe.

Chambray Button Up Shirt
Chambray Button Up Shirt

Shirt sizes range from LT-3XLT and pants in 32-40 waist and lengths 34-38. The clothing sold by Six8 is a private label and ranges from around $5 up to $90.

  • For instance, these Six8 Slim Straight Dark Rinse jeans are perfect for the man looking to add a pair of jeans that can be dressed up to go with just about any shirt he owns. The jeans are available for tall men with a waist size of 32 or 40 and a length of 34-38 for around $90.
  • A Short Sleeve Button Up Chambray Shirt for a casual day at the office, a brunch or a date night that an be worn with a jacket or blazer and solid shirt. The shirt costs about $50 and is available in sizes for LT to 3XLT.

Big Men

Big Men is an online retailer where you can find up to a 12XLT and shoes up to size 20. No matter what type of clothing you need, they're likely to carry it, whether it's casual, outerwear, or for work. Extra tall men shopping this retailer for clothing can expect to pay anywhere between around $20-$185.

  • If you've been having a hard time finding ties that are the right length, there are several to choose from here ranging in color, starting at around $30. The ties are designed in 63-inch lengths to accommodate taller-sized men.
  • Here you will also find a great selection of blazers, such as this timeless leather one that can be worn as a sleek and stylish layer with a sweater and pants during the cooler months. The blazer is available in sizes 1XLT - 5XLT for around $350 in black or brown.

American Tall

If you need shirt lengths that are roughly two inches longer than standard sizes and would be able to use an inch or more inch on your sleeves, you may want to take a look at the American Tall men's collection. The selection isn't as varied as stores that cater to big and tall men, but they might have exactly what you're looking for when you're tall and thin frame is a bit muscular.

Danforth Loose-Fit Long-Sleeve Tee
Danforth Loose-Fit Long-Sleeve Tee

The store specializes in providing clothing for men who are between 6'3"-7'1". Sizes range from tall through extra tall in shirts, and pants sizes range from 32 x 36 through 40 x 38. Prices begin at approximately $25 and go up to about $130.

  • For your weekend nights when you need the perfect pair of jeans to wear with a leather jacket and sweater, there are dark rinse jeans from American Tall that are perfect for your height. Made with spandex to offer a little stretch, the waist sizes range from 32-40 with inseams ranging from 36-38 for around $80.
  • Long sleeve tees can be a challenge for men with longer arms who are looking for options when layering. The Danforth Loose-Fit Long Sleeve Tee is available in great neutral colors like black and gray and costs around $35.

Altus Men's Clothing

Founded by Andrea Williamson, Altus was born when she began to realize how challenging it was for her husband and son to find clothing that fit their tall bodies. As an effort to prevent tall men from wearing clothing that was baggy that was typically made for the frames of big and tall men, she wanted to provide clothing that actually fit extra tall and thin men well.

Striped Cotton Poplin Shirt
Striped Cotton Poplin Shirt

At Altus, the clothing made is a private label and is manufactured in the U.S. and Canada. Here you will find sizes offered that range from T to XXT and up with prices around $30 - $90.

  • A classic button-down dress shirt is a must when it comes to a man who needs to pull together a business look for the office. This Striped Poplin Cotton Shirt from Altus costs around $90 (in sizes T to XT-XL), and can be worn with everything in your closet during spring and fall. A shirt like this easy to dress up or down.
  • Whether for working out or an athleisure-inspired mood, a pair of track pants such as these Premium Fleece sweat pants are a great option. Starting in sizes T-XXT and up and costing around $75, the track pants will work well with a cool, contemporary pair of sneakers and a tee for a leisure day when you want to just chill out.

Destination XL

Destination XL carries Brooks Brothers for men who want a pristine and tailored look. These sizes for Extra Tall men are suitable for every part of his wardrobe for the office, vacation and weekend events. When shopping for XL and XLT at Destination XL, the equivalence of those sizes for this retailer specifically are 1XL and 1XLT.

Clothing options available in both size ranges offer a more slightly trim, more tailored fit for men who are 6'4" and over. Pants are available in 36-58 waists with a 30-38 inseam. Shirts range from size 1XLT-4XLT in both solid colors and prints. The price ranges at Brooks Brothers ranges from $60-$600.

  • A great shirt that would give any pair of tan khakis a lift is the Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Solid Oxford Sport Shirt (just over $100 in sizes XL to 4XLT). On days when a man wants to mix and match suit separates, he will also find blazers and outerwear at this retailer for braving the cold that go perfectly with a shirt like this.
  • Layering items are an essential in a man's wardrobe. This Harbor Bay® Long-Sleeve Wicking Jersey V-Neck Tee is available in basic solid colors offering a range of versatile styling options for just about any occasion and outfit. The shirt is available in sizes XL up to 6XLT and up and costs about $40.

Giving a Clothing Gift to an Extra Tall Guy

If you want to give a clothing item to the extra tall man in your life but you're not very familiar with his sizes, you may be able to purchase a gift card from an online retailer that specializes in tall sizes. That saves him the trouble of having to drive to a store (especially if the nearest one is in the next town over) or the awkwardness of a bad fit and the subsequent exchange or return of the item.

Height Site suggests giving tall guys bathrobes in women's sizing-as gifts. Look for a unisex style and then choose the largest women's size available to give him a robe that's six inches or longer than the typical men's robe. Why? Women's robes are typically cut to a longer length than men's, so giving him one with a few more inches around the bottom will give the tall man a perfect, masculine fit.

Be the Best Dressed Extra Tall Man

Investing in quality materials is another key to pulling off anything you wear as though you stepped off the pages of GQ magazine. By choosing quality items, knowing where to shop, and how to get the right size, you'll be on your way to being one of the best dressed men with timeless style.

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