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K&G Superstore is owned by Men's Wearhouse and offers items for men, women, and children. You can save quite a bit of money in their menswear department when it's time to update your wardrobe or shop for the special man in your life. Some people may associate the store with button-ups, slacks, and suits, but more casual options are also available in the K&G menswear section.

About the Store

K&G has been around since 1985. When you shop at K&G, you're usually saving up to 60 percent when you compare to the prices at other department stores for men's clothing and shoes. You can make it a one-stop-shop experience if you need tailoring. K&G has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on their tailoring services, and they make the changes right in-store. If you aren't happy with the changes to the garment, they'll work until it's right and you'll only pay that one-time fee.

The Return Policy

Not happy? No problem. You'll have 30 days to return an item once you've made a purchase. Just don't lose your original receipt. You'll get your money back in the form of your original payment. If you paid $100.00 or more with a check or $200.00 for cash or debit transactions, you'll get a check from corporate within 10 days instead.

One catch to the return policy (don't worry, it's not unusual) is that the clothes or shoes can't be worn, and they also can't have been altered. Make sure you really like the clothing you're purchasing before you take it over to have it tailored.


K&G has a rewards program that sometimes offers additional savings. Just sign up for a card and show it when you check out for discounts, special savings, and coupon offers. Just don't expect to use it for discounts if you are purchase gift cards. You won't have to pass a credit check to sign up, but you will be allowing K&G, its parent company, and affiliates to have access to your personal information. You can choose to opt out of mailings and emails if you wish.

What You'll Find

Designers include: Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, Kenneth Cole, Steve Harvey, Nine West, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and more. You can get suits for around $100.00. Dress yourself for both casual or business environments.

To get a general idea of what you can find in these stores, you can check their Facebook page for photos, since they don't sell anything on their website. In the K&G menswear department, you'll find:

  • Jeans
  • Polos
  • Casual button-ups
  • Long-sleeve button-ups
  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Slacks
  • Jackets
  • Suits
  • Hoodies
  • Shoes (casual and dressy)
  • Socks
  • Shorts
  • Underwear

Basically, if a man might wear it, they have it.

Where to Shop

You can find a store near you by using K&G's store finder feature on the website. There are more than 85 of them across the country. In some areas (the Midwestern and west-coast states, mostly), you won't find many. Other areas, like Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas, have a high concentration of stores. The stores are huge and open so you never feel cramped while you shop there.

Unfortunately, you can't shop the store online and you'll have to venture out to an actual location. If you're lucky enough to live near one, you can save even more by signing up for text alerts by texting KGSTORES to 79999.

What Others Are Saying

K&G Superstore has some mixed reviews despite the savings that are available. For example, the Yelp page for the K&G location in Tukila, WA, has a 3.5-star review (based on 24 reviews). Some users say it's hit-or-miss there, while others are impressed by the selection. Some say the customer service is great, while others aren't that impressed.

The Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard location in Atlanta, GA, has just three stars (based on 15 reviews). Users seem to appreciate the wide range of sizes (specifically the big and tall sizes), the low prices, and the style selection. However, some other reviewers feel that there's not enough of a selection to hold up to current trends, and the store feels cramped. Some reviewers urged people to find somewhere else to have their clothes altered.

In general there are a limited number of reviews available for this store, so you may want to check it out for yourself and make your own judgment.

Worth Checking Out

If you live close enough to a K&G Superstores to stop by and check it out, it's worth the time. You could save quite a bit on business and casual clothing in the K&G menswear department, and you never know what you might find there. If you need your clothing altered, you may wish to compare prices before making a commitment, based on what reviewers have to say. Between the savings and potential variety in styles and sizes, stopping in is worth a shot. The only real downside is the inability to check out what's available online if you can't get to a store.

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