Male Support Stockings

Legs of business man in stockings

Men with leg health concerns may benefit from wearing male support stockings. Any guy can get the help and relief he needs to stay active and on his feet with the right compression stockings.

Needs for Male Support Stockings

Vein and circulation-related problems are mostly discussed in relation to women, but men also suffer from aching, tired, and heavy legs, as well as swelling, varicose veins, and spider veins. Men can also be prone to deep vein thrombosis and other such diseases. Compression garments are a proven therapy for such problems and can also prevent or slow the development of vein disorders.

Sources for Male Support Stockings

There are many retailers that carry compression stockings for men.

Make Me Heal

Truform 8845 Black Compression Stockings
Truform Compression Stockings

A primary online shop for compression garments is Make Me Heal. They divide their therapy leg wear for men into three categories: calf/knee high compression, thigh high compression, and pantyhose compression. For most men, the calf/knee high compression wear is preferable and all that is needed for mild problems and concerns.

The selection ranges from the inexpensive Truform therapeutic support sock (about $20), which has the look of a standard business wear sock but offers compression to relieve leg fatigue and swelling associated with prolonged sitting or standing, to the pricier Sigvaris Unisex Thigh High Stockings with natural rubber compression (about $150). The Truform sock and stockings are designed for people who may be overly sedentary or active and want to keep their legs looking and feeling their best. The compression levels range from 15 to 25Hg and the site has a glossary explaining what compression levels mean - and which one might best suit you.

Other stockings available include the Sigvaris Cotton Compression Stockings, which are medical stockings providing graduated compression to promote better blood flow and circulation. The stockings are ideal for active men, those who sit and stand for long hours at any one time, or men with sensitive skin.

Jobst Stockings

The high-end and still fashionable Jobst Men's Compression Stockings are for men with more serious leg and vein problems. The stockings actually provide massage action and are made of micro-fiber yarns to keep feet cool and dry. A comfort band ensures they stay up all day long without any restrictive binding. They have over a dozen different styles and compression levels with prices ranging from about $40 to $65.

You can buy the Jobst line of male support stockings directly from their website, which offers free shipping on orders over $30. You can also find them at other leg and foot health sites like Healthy Legs, which offers free shipping on all orders over $75 and often has online coupons available. They do not charge sales tax and rebates are available on some items.


Sockwell Pulse Firm Graduated Compression
Sockwell Men's Compression Socks

Sockwell is a brand that is dedicated to wellness, and they feature men's support stockings with both graduated and full compression with levels ranging from moderate 15 to 20Hg up to firm 25 to 30Hg. This company stands out for having more a more stylish appeal than just standard black or white styles. They have a large selection of colors and styles appropriate for work or play. While you can't purchase them directly from their website, they are available at a variety of retailers online and in brick-and-mortar stores, including Brightlife, a website dedicated to compression legwear that offers free shipping with no minimum order.


Vitalsox carries graduated compression and performance products designed to give optimal circulatory benefits. Each pair is made in Italy and designed for function as well as comfort, with a focus on compression starting at the feet. They have a patented technology to increase blood flow and reduce pooling and inflammation. Find them on Amazon, with prices ranging from about $12 to $40 depending on style.


CEP has a number of different compression socks for men including those designed for running and sports as well as performance and recovery. They feature a sporty look and come in a range of colors and styles. Prices range from about $20 to $60, depending on style and compression type. Active socks have a graduated compression of 20 to 25Hg, while recovery stockings have a compression level of 25 to 30Hg.

Supportive Fashion Stockings

Men's Adrian camouflage pattern tights
Adrian camouflage pattern tights

At some websites, such as G. Lieberman, men can find support tights in fashionable styles. Customers should note that while some of these styles are labeled as support stockings or tights, the website states these are not medical stockings. The website carries brands from Activskin Legwear, Adrian, and Emilio Cavallini with prices ranging from about $13 to just under $30. You can find plain black, footless hose, sport tights, and tights with prints and patterns like camo and stripes.

Solutions for Leg Health

Compression stockings are a great choice for men who are dealing with leg health concerns, and they can provide relief and support. They improve blood flow and when worn after surgery, they can help prevent blood clots. They may even be covered by your health insurance. The number of companies manufacturing compression gear for medical needs continues to increase, so you have plenty of options to get the ones that are right for you.

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