Men's 5XL Motorcycle Jackets

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Finding men's 5XL motorcycle jackets is one of the few "big and tall" items that doesn't seem in short supply. There are a lot of big men riding bikes, and this means a lot of choices in their protective gear from jackets to helmets.

A Range of Men's 5XL Motorcycle Jackets

"5XL" is a fairly precise measurement of jacket size. "Men's" also gives a good idea of the style of jacket you're looking for. The big variable, though, is "motorcycle". There are a lot of different kinds of bikes out there, and buying a jacket is a balance between style and protection that leads to a lot of different factors.

Just taking a look at the men's 5XL motorcycle jackets on the Motorcycle Superstore web page gives you an idea of the wide range. For the high-tech "crotch-rocket" bikers there are sleek space-age fabrics with kevlar protection and other advanced materials; for the more traditional bikers there are simple leather-and-zipper jackets that look like they came out of a James Dean movie.

The Tradition of Leather

Of course, the traditional motorcycle jacket is made of leather, often in a police style. It also has a special cut, such as the cross-chest panels to help cut the wind, and the zippered sleeves that function as a low-tech version of the "ventilation system." It's very easy to find these style jackets in a wide variety of sizes including 5XL. OnlineSports, a general activewear distributor online, has several men's 5XL motorcycle jackets in stock. However, there can be some question of whether this is a functional jacket or merely one tailored to look like a motorcycle style. If it's the latter, wearing this jacket could actually be dangerous to your health.

Some bikers choose to avoid this trap by going with name-brands like Harley Davidson. While it's a bit pricier to have the name on it, the Harley men's 5XL motorcycle jackets are known for durability, quality, and protection. Some have even become heirlooms, leather passed down to new generations of bikers. You don't even have to have leather, since Harley Davidson also makes jackets out of other materials.

A Serious Style

There is an old saying about purchases: "Buy quality, and you never regret it." If you are buying a jacket that will actually be used on the road, remember that making sure it's high quality can be more than just good-looking, it can literally save a life. With a wide variety to choose from, make your choice wisely and then ride with confidence and style.

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Men's 5XL Motorcycle Jackets