Sun Visors for Men

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Do you want to add a fun yet functional touch to your summer wardrobe? Sun visors are ideal for men who want to shield themselves from the sun without having to wear a hat or cap. Visors come in a variety of styles and patterns, making it possible to match them to any outfit you decide to wear.

Types of Sun Visors

Sun visors come in both plastic and fabric. Plastic visors tend to be cheaper and less durable. They are often handed out as a promotional item and can easily crack or break. For those wanting a more durable type of visor, consider a visor covered in fabric. This is the most popular type due to the styling as well as its quality.

Men can wear visors for a range of activities such as:

  • Golfing
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Tennis
  • Running

Unlike a ball cap, a visor leaves the top of the head uncovered so you stay cooler. Visors shield the eyes from the sun and allow the wearer to see well, even when the sun is shining down.

Shopping Options

Sun visors can be found in the summer months at most sporting goods stores as well as at novelty shops, the hat section of department stores, and at discount retailers. Any store that carries beachwear most likely will have a few visors in its inventory.

If you would rather shop year-round for a visor, there are many online retailers to check out:

Stylish Sun Visor Options

Many athletic brands such as Nike, Fila and Adidas make sun visors for men. Companies that specialize in golf or tennis apparel also add visors to their collections. You may also find visors from some of the top brands in men's fashion.

If you are on vacation, check out the shop at the resort where you are staying for a visor featuring the resort's logo. You may also find visors at pro shops that feature the course name and logo embroidered on it.

Some visor styles to check out include:

  • Men's Titleist Tour Visor: This visor, done in a low-profile, adjustable style, is designed to keep the sun out of your eyes while playing a game of golf.
  • Panama Jack Visor: This classic visor features a Velcro closure and comes in putty, navy, black and khaki. It has a stylish Panama Jack logo and can be worn both off and on the green.
  • Men's Nike Core Feather Light Visor: This visor from Nike is stylish and lightweight. It is made of breathable, Dri Fit fabric that wicks away moisture. It has an adjustable back closure and comes in black, navy and white.
  • Under Armour CoolSwitch AirVent Visor: This adjustable visor features Under Armour's HeatGear which wicks sweat away to help keep you cool and comfortable. It is light to wear and comes in grey and taupe and white.

Style Tips

Men can wear sun visors to protect their eyes and face from the sun. A visor works for anything from golfing to a leisurely stroll. It also adds a stylish touch to any ensemble. Wear one with a basic pair of khaki shorts and a simple white tee to create a sporty look. Add one in a trendy pattern to your summer wardrobe to give it a fresh feel. There are many options to choose from, so find one that is comfortable and fun to wear!

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Sun Visors for Men