What Do Men Wear Under Low Rise Jeans

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Maybe you've pondered what do men wear under low-rise jeans or you think you already know the answer based on popular styles. However, no two men are alike - and some men favor completely different things beneath their low-rise jeans!

What to Pair with Low-Rise Jeans

There are a number of options for individuals who wonder what do men wear under low-rise jeans. Just as women slip into low-rise undergarments when wearing theirs, men also have an incredible selection available to them. In fact, more and more underwear designers are recognizing the need for a more diverse selection of undergarments for men; to that end, many styles are designed with specific types of pants in mind.

Simply put, a pair of boxers or briefs made for wearing beneath low-rise jeans is ideal. It offers the right amount of coverage and will not show. Men who prefer a tighter fitting jean will also appreciate the no-show coverage of these styles. Consider these brands when shopping for low-rise undergarments:

  • 2xist: It touts itself as a designer men's underwear label, and one glance at the collection proves exactly why. The lineup includes sharp designs that fuse a classic inspiration with modern updates, like athletic details and sporty appearances. The company's All Star Collection includes a variety of no-show briefs and no-show trunks, both ideal for wearing beneath low-rise jeans.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch: If you aren't comfortable in a pair of low-rise briefs or trunks, try this company's athletic shorts. They offer greater coverage and are made of a very stretchy nylon/spandex blend for greater mobility. Choose from three colors.
  • Calvin Klein: If you prefer a simple, classic brief, look no further than Calvin Klein Classics. The company offers its low-rise brief in multipacks, perfect for adding a few functional pieces to your wardrobe without a major expense. The fitted cotton style sits low on the waist and is made from comfortable, durable cotton.
  • Jockey: You can't go wrong with the famed brand's trunk-style underwear. Offered in a low-rise cut, the trunk provides complete front and back coverage. It is even available in fashionable styles (like stripes and vibrant colors), and is made from a lightweight, almost airless polymide blend that feels like a second skin.

Low-Rise Tips

Low-rise jeans may be popular, but there is no need to wear them if you aren't comfortable in them. The look is modern, fresh and quite youthful in general. If low-rise undergarments just don't feel right, opt for a pair of straight, average jeans instead. Fashion shouldn't be uncomfortable!

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What Do Men Wear Under Low Rise Jeans