Men's Clothes for Spring

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Men's clothes for spring run the gamut from cool and casual to suave and sophisticated. There are also plenty of options that fall in between these two categories, but they all share one element in common: they promise to keep the wearer comfortable during a season when the weather isn't quite steamy, yet not quite chilly either.

Springtime Weather Demands

Spring is the one time of year when the weather is not quite obvious. Sure, sunny days are certainly expected, but temperatures aren't always balmy the way they are during summer - and they certainly aren't freezing as they are during winter. Even autumn is less temperamental in the weather department.

Spring is more of a mixed bag of surprises from Mother Nature; there are those few days in March when winter's cold may linger, those pesky April showers and May's lead-in days to summer. Needless to say, a man must be prepared to face every weather situation in comfort, and his wardrobe plays a key part in that (although an umbrella and a bottle of sunscreen don't go amiss, either!).

Styles of Men's Clothes for Spring

Certain types of men's clothes for spring are simply essential. As the weather transitions and temperatures slowly rise, it's important to have some key items on hand to make it as comfortable as possible. It also helps if the items are stylish - and that's an easy feat in today's refreshing fashion climate, when designers recognize that men are just as concerned with fashion as they are function. Consider these items when shopping for your warmer weather wardrobe:


A lightweight jacket is an essential part of spring's lineup. A trench coat is a classic option that not only protects clothing from rain, but also looks incredibly stylish. There are many varieties available, ranging from single- to double-breasted and the standard beige to black. A neutral shade is preferred, because it plays well with everything from casual outfits to work basics. If you prefer something more relaxed, opt for a nylon parka. This is equally perfect for rainy weather, shields you from rare cold spells and typically features a hood for a little extra coverage.


A pair of crisp pants is always a wardrobe essential. During spring, seek out light materials, like cotton or linen, and stick with streamlined silhouettes that look great whether you're at work or play. Since your tops are likely to be vibrant or at least feature a low-key print, keep your pants on the understated side in shades of beige, tan, brown and navy. Black is always a no-fail option, too.


Most men own at least one classic button-down shirt. Bulk up this part of your wardrobe during spring. Crisp shirts in light colors are perfect for work and play, and look phenomenal with everything - suit jackets, khakis and, occasionally, even a pair of baggy shorts. Now is the time to play with prints, since spring is all about color!


A comfortable pair of shorts will come in especially handy when temperatures start to soar towards the end of the season. Perfect for lazy weekends, yard work and family outings, relaxed khaki shorts are ideal for spring. A trendier option, the cargo short, features pockets along the legs and looks fresh and modern. Dress the look up with slip-on loafers and a printed button-down shirt, or keep things low-key with a T-shirt and canvas sneakers.


Don't worry - you can hang up your heavy knits, but it's still a good idea to have a couple of lightweight sweaters on hand. A V-neck style looks smart and is versatile enough to wear with jeans on casual occasions and with trousers for a dressier affair. Opt for cotton or an airy cotton blend, which will keep you comfortable when it's not quite cold, yet not exactly hot either.

Useful Tips

As with so many garments, the devil is in the details. During spring, the key detail to focus on is material. It should be light and breathable, so that it wicks moisture away from your body and keeps you cool should it get too warm.

Finally, never underestimate the importance of a jacket. Even if you just stow one in the car, you'll be so glad you have it when that sudden rain shower appears. With the right elements, you'll have a wearable, classic spring wardrobe to see you through years of April showers, May flowers and everything in between.

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Men's Clothes for Spring