Choosing Men's Corduroy Jackets

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Corduroy jackets come in a variety of styles for men. The styles to choose from include the simple blazer, sport coat, the common hip-length boxy style, more substantial lined corduroy jacket, and more. Corduroy jackets are most often seen in earth tones, shades of light and dark brown, caramel, tan, deep green, navy blue, gray, and black. Prices may vary greatly, from less than $25 to nearly $1000. While pricing varies greatly, the difference comes from the finer details.

Where to Shop

Any store that carries men's outerwear should have at least a small selection of men's corduroy jackets on hand. Going online will give you the widest range of styles and colors to choose from, of course. Stores to try include:

  •, for styles like their Country Corduroy Sport Jacket, available in regular and long sizes.
  • If you want to add a little western style to your wardrobe without buying yet another pair of cowboy boots, have a look at PFI Western for a brown corduroy jacket with hints of leather.
  • If you want something a little warmer than what simple corduroy can give, Old Navy's Sherpa-lined cord jacket may be the perfect thing for you. It's cozy, pre-washed, and combines the cool look of corduroy with the warmth of something heavier.
  • The Etro washed corduroy jacket at Bergdorf-Goodman gives a sleek, sexy, sophisticated look for the man who wants to dress to impress. Attention to detail gives this jacket shape, but keep in mind that it is quite expensive.

Selection Tips

Consider the types of activities you'll be doing in your jacket. One that you'll wear while walking the dog and hiking won't require as much attention to detail as something you want to wear to work on casual Fridays or on a date with someone you'd really like to impress. Take budget and how often you'll be wearing your jacket into account as well. If you think you'll only wear it once or twice, skip paying hundreds of dollars and look for a similar style for less-there are plenty available. However, if you think you'll practically live in your new corduroy jacket, finding a quality style that fits you well in a color that meshes well with your wardrobe may be worth it.

Wearing Corduroy

Despite the fact that there are corduroy jackets in sport coat and blazer styles, they're rarely seen as an acceptable clothing item to wear to work in a professional setting. Corduroy is best when paired with casual khakis or blue jeans. It's seen almost exclusively as a fun, casual, warm fabric.

Men's corduroy jackets pair well with t-shirts, thin sweaters, laidback button-ups, and polos, regardless of the style of the jacket you choose. The more sophisticated styles make a standout addition to a sweater-and-slacks combination, tying an otherwise dull clothing combination together in a way that other jackets could only dream of. The corduroy jacket is more approachable than leather and easier to wear in some cases than denim.

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Choosing Men's Corduroy Jackets