Male Model Poses

Sexy Male Models

Male models show off not only the clothing but the model's attitude as well. Many poses are kept simple and understated while others are meant to get looks and attention. Most designers use models who are in great shape and exude confidence when walking down the runways. Modeling is not an easy job -- in addition to wearing a wide range of fashions, models are required to hold various poses and maintain their emotions.

Keep It Simple

This lk Studio model shows off a simple tee and loose pants while keeping his cool. He shows little emotion but gets the message across that this outfit is meant to look and feel relaxed, yet pulled together.

Sexy Pose

Keeping one hand in pocket is a classic model pose seen on the runways and in print ads. Joseph Abboud's model looks sexy and wears the clothes with the utmost confidence.

Serious About Fashion

A serious expression shows that the clothes demand a serious look. Tommy Hillfiger's collection is nothing less than attention-getting. With models posing like this, the garments will get more than a glimpse from the audience.

Head Turning

Mister Triple X turns heads with their latest collection. This model turns to the audience along the runway so that they get to see all that the line has to offer.

Standing Still

This model from Stephen F. stands still so all can admire the clothes being worn. He keeps his look neutral so that the clothing is the center of attention -- not him.

Looking Cool

This model uses accessories to accent Nautica's line. He stands tall and looks calm and cool in shades, displaying attitude and confidence about the collection.

The Grand Finale

Most fashion shows end with a final walk by all the models. The grand finale is the highlight of many shows with male model poses lining the runway while giving the audience a final look of all the fashions of the night.

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Male Model Poses