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Menswear fashion blogs are a great source to find style inspiration while also catching up on the latest trends. If you're looking to kick your outfits up a notch, and transform your appearance into one of confidence and pizazz, then you ought to check out these blogs. They'll give you the tips, inspiration, and style finds you need.


For a decade, Valet has been curating and delivering daily content focused on the latest news in style, culture, and grooming for the modern-day guy. The site is beautifully organized in sections that cover trends, product reviews, style how-to articles, deals, and buying guides. Every season there's a new buying planner page with tips and product selections to stock your closet for the upcoming season.

The personal shopper part of the site includes deals, a shopping directory, and a seasonal calendar featuring what to buy that month and where. If you have style questions, Valet has a handy tool called "Ask the Valet," where you can browse past questions and ask your own, too.

Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans launched in 2007 as a daily fashion tips and style advice blog. It covers a wide spectrum of men's style genres, including trends, guides, and fashion news. The main purpose of the site is to help men figure out what looks good and what doesn't through their editorials, street style gallery, how-tos, and articles.

For quick style inspiration, visit the Fashion Bean's street style section to see trendy outfits from around the world and where to get the looks. Also, take a look at the "Hot List" section for must-haves to get every season, and "The Best Dressed Men of the Week" for celeb style and designer inspiration.

Primer Magazine

If you're a guy in your early twenties, then Primer Magazine is the site for you. After all, the slogan for Primer is "A Guy's Guide to Growing Up" and it delivers on that promise. Primer does in fact teach a lot about dressing well and how to outfit yourself for certain situations. However, the best thing about Primer is its targeted audience: the college graduate who is entering the read world.

Read the "Style Q&A" section for detailed answers to your most pressing fashion questions. For outfit inspiration, the column "The Getup" has you covered. You'll learn here how to replicate an outfit from top to bottom and how to style it with the key pieces you'll need for the color palette; you'll even get info on where to buy.

Effortless Gent

As the name implies, the Effortless Gent is a blog that emphasizes classic and timeless ensembles that don't require loads of cash and time. This blog posts on a regular basis, offering tips, advice, and ideas on how to upgrade your look from a boy's to a gentleman's - the kind of gentleman that everyone admires and respects. Forget about trying hard to impress others: the Effortless Gent will help you become a more stylish man without the effort you may think it requires.

If you're looking to learn more ways to style your favorite piece or you're in a style rut, the "Five Ways" section tackles exactly this issue. You'll see there how to wear one item in five different ways with outfit collages and detailed explanations.


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While a lot of the blogs listed in this article are multi-focused (covering a variety of topics related to men's style), Dappered has a specific focus: improving your sense of style while also saving you money. Some blogs share fashion advice, while others give overviews of the past week's sales, deals, and awesome budget-friendly finds.

Several articles are interactive, asking readers whether they'd wear this or buy that. This is a good way to participate in the community and learn from others. It's all great fun, and in the end, you'll learn how to be a more fashionable guy while staying on budget.

Put This On

Put This On is a blog about dressing like a grownup. It not only teaches you fashion basics - like all you need to know about ties, how to dress for a job interview, and a list of wardrobe essentials for every man - but the site also has a feature that notifies you when quality brands go on sale. The best part? Put This On has a sprawling archive of great content that you can revisit at any time.

Even if you're late to the fashion game, you can go through all of those informative posts and become an expert in no time. Although a lot of blogs have a deals or sales section, Put This On takes this a step further by posting twice-weekly round-ups of the best menswear on eBay.

Stay Classic

Who says you need a lot of money to look good? Stay Classic shows you how to look spiffy while keeping a fat wallet. This blog is run by photographer Tim Melideo and all he wants to do is show you how you can dress nicely in an inexpensive way. Most of his outfits are put together with clothing from lower-end retailers, like H&M, Old Navy, Levi's, and even Forever 21 (the men's line). If you want to see how it's done, let Stay Classic show you how to look sleek without breaking the bank.

Get Inspired

Menswear fashion blogs have as much to offer as the lady style bloggers do. The blogs mentioned above will inspire you, share what's trending on the streets, and give you expert advice on how and what to wear with just a few clicks.

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