Men's Latex Clothing

Man in latex outfit

Men's latex clothing is a fashion statement gaining more and more popularity thanks to movies such as The Matrix. There are many sources for the shiny, stretchy outfits online, but they require special care to wear.

Why Wear Latex?

Most latex clothing styles are made for women, popularized by characters such as Emma Peele from the 1960's TV show The Avengers and more modern characters such as Trinity from The Matrix. Most men's latex clothing was considered fetish wear, and used mainly by people with some kind of sexual intent. However, as more and more men and women began wearing it in public places such as clubs, it gained credibility as a legitimate fashion choice.

The appeal of latex clothing comes from the look of the shiny, smooth material as it fits skin-tight to the body. However, it can be very difficult to put on, as most latex sticks to the skin. To make it easier, either talcum powder or a lubricating polish is used to put on the outfit. Once on, the latex is polished with a clear liquid to make it shine. Many men also like the way it feels, as there is both support for the body as well as freedom of movement. One thing to remember is that latex is airtight, and it is very easy to overheat or dehydrate. This is also why it is necessary to clean latex thoroughly every time it is worn and hang it in a cool, dry area to prevent mildew.

Why So Expensive?

Men's latex clothing is usually quite expensive, and this is due to the difficulty in producing quality clothing. Latex needs to be cut off of large sheets in very carefully measured patterns tailored to the individual. It is then glued, not sewn, using a special adhesive. The process is painstaking and unforgiving; there is no way to easily fix mistakes and it's easy to ruin an entire piece with one misplaced seam.

At the same time, it has become easier for individuals to create their own latex wear, buying the sheets of latex in bulk and following online tutorials to create items such as a simple tank top. Many individuals start out working for a major company such as Fierce Couture. After learning the basics of latex fashion design, they can move on to creating their own works for the alternative or goth subcultures. Some online retailers started out as simple hobbyists and now make use of sites such as Etsy to sell their creations one by one.

Larger Retailers of Men's Latex Clothing

There are thousands of vendors selling latex clothing for both men and women on the web, but many have retained the sexual theme of the idea of latex fashion and are thus inappropriate for many computers. Vex Clothing is one of the more reputable creators of latex clothing. The Latex Store also has a wide selection of both individual items as well as complete "uniforms" created out of the thin rubber. Many men who simply want some latex to wear out to the club will purchase a version of a simple t-shirt such as the ones offered by Syren Fetish Wear.

Latex style has come a long way from an underground style with a touch of scandal, and is now considered by many to be simply a luxurious fashion statement. While it's not a small investment in either money or time, many men have gotten great satisfaction from the way they look and feel when wearing latex.

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Men's Latex Clothing