Men's Leather Flight Jackets

Flight jacket

Men's leather flight jackets can be worn by anyone, not just pilots. They come in a range of styles and will give you a cool edge whenever you wear one!

Wearing Leather Flight Jackets

Flight jackets are also called bomber jackets and have been around for decades. American pilots first wore them during World War II, and ever since they have been a staple in the military. Men also love to wear them due to the nostalgic feel as well as the look they deliver. Seen on stars such as John Wayne in Flying Tigers and Tom Cruise in Top Gun, flight jackets have been made popular due to exposure on the big screen.

Men can wear leather flight jackets with all their casual apparel. From a classic pair of jeans and a tee to a button-down dress shirt and khakis, a flight jacket is the perfect finishing touch. There are endless combinations to wear with your leather flight jacket so be creative and wear yours with anything you can imagine.

Styles of Men's Leather Flight Jackets

Men's leather flight jackets come in a range of styles designed after the ones worn by pilots who fly fighters and bombers. Flight jackets come in a variety of styles and are usually done in leather such as goat or cowhide. There are versions that are lined and unlined. Flight jackets can be found both online and at retail stores. You'll also find them at vintage stores that carry beloved styles that still remain in fashion. A leather flight jacket remains a staple in many men's closets and can be worn season after season. Most are made in timeless designs that make it hard to distinguish a new jacket from a vintage one.

Some jackets to check out include:

Maximum Leather carries several styles of the leather flight jacket such as:

  • Legendary Fighting Falcon Goatskin USAF A-2 Flight Jacket that is inspired by the jackets worn by the Thunderbirds. This jacket has authentic designs and is done in seal brown goatskin, just like the military versions. It has a nylon lining and interior chest pockets. It is designed with a one-piece back panel that makes it perfect for applying nose art. It also has knitted sleeve cuffs and waistband, a front brass zipper and a snap down collar.
  • Nighthawk F-117 Stealth Fighter Leather Flight Jacket is made in the USA and designed from a military issued pattern. It is done in cowhide leather and has a nylon lining. This jacket has two cargo pockets and a zippered arm pocket.
  • Legendary Top Gun G-1 Flight Jacket is made from goatgrain cowhide which gives it a heavier feel. It has eight patches on it from various military endeavors and the back panel features a design of the Persian Gulf Bloodchit. The collar on this jacket is permanently attached and made from Mouton fur. This jacket is made to be noticed and will make you the center of attention whenever you wear it.

Rex Leather has a variety of flight jackets modeled after the ones worn by the military.

  • Men's Napa Bomber Jacket is done in top-grain leather and has a nylon lining filled with polyester fiberfill for added warmth. It zips up the front with a heavy duty brass zipper and has both side entry and flapped cargo pockets. This jacket comes in both black and brown.
  • Men's Lambskin Flight Jacket is made from lambskin, making it super soft. It is done in a traditional style that features four outside pockets and one inside pocket. It has knit cuffs and waistband and a pleated back. This jacket comes in your choice of black or brown.

One other site to check out is Flight This site has a large collection of leather flight jackets in styles such as:

  • A-1 Leather Flight Jacket
  • Flying Tigers A2 Jacket
  • A2 RAAF Flight Leather Jacket
  • Barnstormer Leather Jacket
  • Flying Tigers G1 Jacket
  • G-8 Navy Leather Flight Jacket
  • Top Gun Maverick Jacket

Leather Care Tips

Leather flight jackets can be an investment. Many can cost up to $700 and in order to keep them looking their best should be treated with care. Like all leather products, they should be cleaned by a professional and treated with a leather protectant. If you get a stain on your jacket, treat it immediately with a mild soap and water. If you care for your jacket properly, you will be able to enjoy it for years!

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Men's Leather Flight Jackets