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Wearing men's pro golf shirts is appropriate for either golf or casual wear. Golf shirts come in a wide range of styles from a variety of brands, making them an option for any stylish man to consider.

Types of Men's Pro Golf Shirts

Pro golf apparel is popular for men who want to look professional while hitting the course. There are endless pro golf items to choose from including shirts, jackets, pants, caps and equipment. Endless brands carry pro golf clothing in the latest styles created to look like the clothes worn by various pro golfers.

When shopping for a golf shirt, keep features such as moisture-wicking material, the type of fit and your price range in mind. Golf shirts come in a range of colors from basic white to vibrant red to stripes and patterns.

For those wanting a pro golf shirt, check out brands such as:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Calloway
  • Greg Norman
  • Titleist
  • PGA Tour

Golf Shirt Styles

Pro golf shirts come in a range of styles as well as designs. Some popular styles of men's pro golf shirts include:

Greg Norman Performance Polo comes in either stripes or solid colors such as dark red or royal blue. This golf shirt is made from a microfiber polyester and spandex blend that makes it both comfortable and breathable. It also offers protection from the sun. In addition, details such as the shark logo and knit collar make this a fashionable shirt whether you are golfing or out to lunch.

The PGA Tour Polo is made by Oxford Golf and features moisture-wicking fabric. It is designed with the PGA Tour logo on the sleeve and comes in a range of colors such as Margarita, Navy, Sea, Rain, Cayenne and Sunflower. This shirt feels luxurious and will be one of your favorites.

Nike's Tiger Wood (TW) Collection features a range of pro golf apparel from jackets to shirts. The Dri-FIT Broken Tiled Polo is from the Tiger Woods Platinum Collection and is done in a polyester jacquard fabric and comes in Black.

Another golf shirt from the TW Collection is the Dri-FIT Bonded 2-Layer Polo. This shirt is done in 100% polyester and has an outer layer designed in pique and an inner made of jersey material. The color choices include Chlorine Blue or Bright Violet.

Callaway not only makes golf equipment but apparel as well. Their stylish and innovative golf shirts appeal to a wide range of men. All shirts are made of polyester and designed to wick away moisture, have anti-microbial properties and contain UPF protection of 15+. In addition, Callaway has several collections within their line such as the Victory Collection that features shirts done in stripes, solids and patterns all featuring Americana colors of blue, red, white and gray. The Celebration Collection uses navy, brown and yellow to create sophisticated shirts that can be worn both on and off the golf course. The Festival Collection has a look reminiscent of the 1980s but uses a modern flair with colors of lime green, royal blue, cerise and white.

Shopping Options

Local golf shops, sporting goods stores as well as online sites carry a selection of men's pro golf shirts. For those who prefer to shop online, check out sites such as:

Pro golf shirts can also be found at golf tournaments and other sporting events. Depending on what you are looking for, there are a wide range of sources that make it easy to find your perfect pro golf apparel.

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Men's Pro Golf Shirts