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Since everything old is always new again, men's striped jeans are starting to make a comeback. Originally popular in the 1950s and 1960s, they disappeared and were only seen on men who liked vintage styles. But their retro chic, to say nothing of the way they make legs look longer and thinner, has them being sought out by hipsters in a whole new era.

Striped Jeans Through the Decades

Men have worn stripes at various times in history. You can see stripes on men's legwear in medieval and Renaissance paintings, and then later in the 19th century. Beginning in the 20th century, one started to see pinstripe trousers and suits. These were especially popular with businessmen and still are.


Bolder stripes, however, have been considered flashy in the 20th century. That is no doubt why Mods started wearing them in the 1950s. They wore a style called drainpipe trousers. These were skintight and usually gray-and-black striped. They gained in popularity in the mid-1960s when music icons started wearing them and remained popular with some punk musicians.


The clothing revolution of the late 1960s saw men's striped jeans become colorful. This was a time when everyone wanted to wear exciting colors and these jeans were a way of being practical and counter-culture at the same time.


Striped jeans continued to be popular in the early 1970s - they were also seen on children's clothes - but disappeared with a return to conservatism in menswear.

Shop for Modern Striped Jeans

Tight jeans have become popular with the hipster set, who recognize that well-fitting jeans can make a man look taller and slimmer, as well as accentuate the bottom and hips. Stripes are even more flattering. While they have yet to regain the mass popularity they enjoyed in earlier eras, they are gradually being seen more and more.

Atom Retro

For those who like an earlier retro look, you can get drainpipe jeans at Atom Retro. These are low-rise, very tight jeans in a thin denim with stud detail. You can wear them as part of a smarter outfit with a black shirt and sport jacket, or confine them to casual wear. They come in other color combinations, such as black and white and red and black.

Luisa Via Roma

For something much higher end, you can get Galliano striped viscose jeans at Luisa Via Roma. These are very snug and manage to be both subtle and bold. They definitely make a statement.

Shop for Vintage Men's Striped Jeans

A few years ago, the brand Cheap Monday made a truly retro pair of 1960s men's striped jeans in several bold colors. You might be able to find these on eBay or similar sites. Or, you can look for the real thing at vintage stores and websites that specialize in vintage apparel.

Vintage jeans can hold up wonderfully well. They are sturdy and if they were washed in cold water and hung dry, they won't have faded much. Of course, it can be difficult to find your size, but many vintage sites have the capacity for you to get an alert when something specific in the right size comes in. You can also get such alerts on eBay.

Vintage striped jeans will usually be very well made, with the fabric sewn so that the stripes meet exactly at every point. This is especially crucial in the seat, as it creates the most flattering look, and on the thighs, so that the slimming and lengthening effect is at its utmost.

Some sites worth checking for jeans include:

Find the Striped Jeans of Your Dreams

Striped jeans aren't that easy to find since a comparatively small number of men tend to want to wear anything tight-fitting and boldly patterned, but they are available. Shopping online will likely yield the best selection, but you never know when you'll find hidden treasure shopping at resale stores. Give both resources a try, and you're bond to find a pair you love.

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Men's Striped Jeans