Preowned Men's Suits


One of the best ways to be stylish while saving money is to invest in preowned men's suits. Whether vintage or modern, you can add a lot of sizzle to your wardrobe with just a bit of mindful shopping. This is a lively market, with many smart guys getting in on the action.

Why Buy Preowned Men's Suits?

The most obvious reason to go for preowned rather than new is that you can save a fortune. A recycled suit can sometimes be the price of a cheap new suit, but you reap the benefits of having something high-end instead. Even men who know nothing about clothes can see and feel the difference when they wear a good suit versus a cheap one. The quality of the fabric and the cut make for a suit that looks and feels superior. A better suit flatters the body, giving any man a longer, leaner silhouette and a more impressive presence. They don't call it a "power suit" for nothing.

Myths About Second-Hand Suits

Many men assume that if a suit has been owned before, it's going to show signs of wear. The reality is that for most men, a suit is something that spends most of its time hanging in the closet and is only worn once or twice a year. Whether because their bodies, tastes or styles change, or they just get tired of the suit, it often gets put up for sale after having been worn only a few times. The result is that a smart shopper can come away with a designer suit that is as good as new.

Shopping Tips

Any man who buys a top-brand suit is also going to have it tailored to his body's specifications. This is what sets a suit apart. No matter how excellent the design, a suit can always look a bit more perfect when given a few nips here and there to make a man look his absolute best. This should not dissuade you from buying preowned men's suits, however. Rather, it means you must pay closer attention to measurements when shopping, if you are doing so online. A good suit can always be tailored again, so the size doesn't have to be exact, it just has to be close. Even trousers that are too short can be fixed if there is extra fabric available. The item that is hardest to alter if it isn't exact is the length of the jacket.

When it comes to buying vintage suits, you must know the style of a given era before you shop. Suits in the 1940s featured wider shoulders and lapels with longer jackets, while those of the early 1960s were slimmer and streamlined. Any of these suits can be tailored to flatter you, but it's useful to have a sense of the look on you before you commit to buying.

Where to Buy

You can find preowned men's suits in high-end consignment stores, vintage shops and online at sites such as eBay. While it is preferable to try something on before buying, many men have had very good luck shopping online, using just a little savvy. If you are looking for a specific designer brand, it helps to be familiar with the designer's look on you. If you've tried on one of their suits and know that it's a good and flattering fit, you can shop for one online with confidence.

A few good sites for quality pre-owned suits include:

  • Second Looks for Men offers a range of looks for men that are as good as new.
  • Dress That Man offers predominately vintage wear but the designer section has some new items as well.

Whether you buy in person or online, you'll guarantee a great look at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Preowned Men's Suits