Solid Color Men's Ties

Wearing Solid Color Men’s Ties

In a world of stripes and patterns, solid color men's ties can be just what you're looking for. They can be worn with just about anything.

There's also no need to worry about the patterns clashing since these ties are designed in a solid color.

Bold Colors

A tie in a bold color such as red makes a statement all on its own. A bold-colored tie can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe. Wear it for both work and weekends.

Red ties go great with anything from basic black to navy.

Soft Tones

You can show your softer side by wearing a tie in a solid color such as pink. Soft colors pair well with a variety of shirts and suits, and coordinate with a variety of looks.

Try a soft pink tie with a gray suit or a crisp white shirt for a fresh look.

All About Texture

Just because a tie is done in a solid color does not mean it's boring. Ties come in a range of materials and textures that add interest to whatever you are wearing.

A textured tie can be worn with a striped shirt or blazer as well as a shirt in the same color. A tone-on-tone look is trendy and fresh for all seasons.

Playful Colors

A colorful tie can be the perfect accent to any ensemble. During the holiday season, choose a tie in a festive color.

For example, during Christmas, a red tie is a must; for St. Patrick's Day, choose green. A pale purple tie is just the right accessory for Easter and springtime.

Keep It Simple

If you are wearing a print shirt or a pinstripe suit, a solid color tie is the perfect complement. Choose a basic color such as gray or black and you're sure to look pulled together and stylish!

Keep your look simple and you'll get it right every time.

Endless Possibilities

There are a wide variety of ties to choose from. Solid color men's ties come in a range of materials as well as colors. They make great gifts and can liven up the look of any outfit.

Men's ties can also be found from some of the top designer names in fashion today!

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Solid Color Men's Ties