Tall Men's Camp Shirt

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Tall men's camp shirts are the solution to casual summer days when you're bored with t-shirts and want something a little more exciting.

What Are Camp Shirts?

Camp shirts are short-sleeved shirts that button all the way up the front. They can be solid, striped, floral, flaunt other types of patterns, like guitars. Some camp shirts have pockets while others do not. Camp shirts tend to have a bad reputation as "tourist shirts," but there are patterns to choose and ways to wear them that will keep you safe from fashion missteps.

Wearing Camp Shirts

Camp shirts aren't to be confused with the button-up shirts to be worn in a more professional wear. They are decidedly casual-but less casual than a t-shirt--and pair best with shorts and blue jeans. They're the lazy summer day solution when paired with shorts, a tee underneath, and flip-flops or sandals. They're easy to throw on and are usually made from washable materials that are easy to take care of, and some are even wrinkle-resistant. You can wear them buttoned or unbuttoned, depending on your mood and personal style.

A Winter Alternative

Though traditional camp shirts are short-sleeved and not too heavy, you can carry the style into winter by choosing a long-sleeved flannel style. These, too, come in several colors and patterns. They are typically more straightforward in appearance-often plaid or solid. They can still be lightweight and soft while keeping you just a little warmer when the temperatures cool off. They also layer well with other shirts and jackets. By stocking up on short-sleeved camp shirts and similarly styled flannels with long sleeves, you're set year-round for casual occasions when you don't want to wear a regular t-shirt or a hoodie.

Tracking Down Tall Men's Camp Shirts

While it's usually as simple as walking into any department store to find men's camp shirts in regular sizes, finding tall men's camp shirts can still be a challenge. If you need a longer length, you can try shopping at:

Dave's Big and Tall: Here, you will find a very wide selection of patterns, prints, and solids. There is something for every personality and style. If you love wearing quirky shirts, try the Short Sleeve Cycles Print Rayon Camp Shirt. If you prefer something a little plainer that will blend in and just help you to look relaxed and put-together, try the Indygo Smith Jacquard Stripe Short Sleeve Camp Shirt in blue.

King Size Direct: There are simple and loud styles at this store as well. There are solids, color-block patterns, embroidered styles, and dragon print.

6pm.com: The selection will not be as large as that of stores with only big and tall men in mind. However, you may find that this site has just what you're looking for. It will take some digging to locate the ones in the correct size.

Mens Wearhouse: Want to stock up on understated camp shirts? This could be the place to do it. You may even find deals like buy one, get one free.

Purchasing Your Camp Shirts

Prices will vary from retailer to retailer, from $30.00 to $150.00. The pricing will depend on the designer, the fabric, and the deals you happen to catch at the time. If you're searching for camp shirts at the end of summer, you may be able to save the most money.

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Tall Men's Camp Shirt