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Channel Mad Men-style leisure wear in Tori Richard men's shirts! Since 1956, they have been manufacturing fine shirts with a tropical style that let you relax with elegance and sophistication.

History of Tori Richard Men's Shirts

The Hawaiian-based company was founded on the principles of resort living in style, creating clothes for the cultured traveler who cared about art and luxury. A family business then and now, the company focuses on making fine clothes for those who appreciate hand-painted design with exotic flair.

Tori Richard was started by retired clothing manufacturer Mort Feldman, his fiancée Janice Moody and pattern maker Mitsue Aka. The company's name comes from Janice's daughter Victoria and Mort's son Richard. Originally, the focus was on sophisticated resort wear for women. By the 1960s, the company was hugely popular, and lauded for its fine fabrics and designs. They did not begin making men's shirts until the late 1960s - by the 1970s, their line of men's resort wear was huge and has long since overtaken its women's line. It continues to provide the finest fabrics and designs. It is also a very green company - beginning in 2008, it was among the first solar-powered manufacturers and retailers, with 94% of its electricity coming from the sun - exactly what one expects of a Hawaiian company.

Shirt Designs

The look of Tori Richard men's shirts is classic and stylish. Prints will vary, but you can always find something that speaks to you. Some of the items currently available include:

  • Call It Night Holiday Signature Camp Shirt. A black silk and twill short-sleeved shirt from the popular holiday collection, this features Santa and his sleigh riding over your shoulder and around your back - perfect for a jolly holiday party.
  • Majestic Macaw Signature Camp Shirt. A black silk shirt with a beautiful embroidered blue macaw on the back, sitting on a pink floral branch.
  • Guitar God. From the 2010 Spring Collection, a shirt that mixes whimsy and exoticism. This black silk shirt features a Hawaiian god's face with a guitar handle and palm trees.
  • Carnaby Street Cotton Lawn. The Tori Richard men's shirts in cotton lawn are among the most popular. This is a perfect summer shirt, as it's lightweight but still opaque, perfectly breathable and resists wrinkling. Every print offers rich and distinctive detail. While the costs are more than you might usually spend for summer wear, the rewards are more than worth the while.
  • St. Tropez Sport Shirt. One of the few long-sleeve designs, this shirt is also from the 2010 Holiday Collection. It is 70% silk and 30% linen for a warm yet light feel, and is pigment-dyed with a front pocket. It's perfect for a smart casual holiday party.

Shopping for Shirts

Tori Richard shirts can be found wherever Hawaiian shirts are sold. The largest selections will always be online. Because the shirts are meant to fit loosely, you don't need to worry about trying them on so long as you check the measurements in the shoulder, chest and length. Find the shirts at such sites as:

Caring for Your Shirt

Because the shirts are made of quality fabrics such as Egyptian cotton lawn, Ottoman silk and jacquards, and are either hand-painted or embroidered, they must be treated with care. Even the hardiest shirt should be dry-cleaned. It's best to go to a cleaner who specializes in fine items and understands how to work with shirts of this caliber. Store your shirt on a padded hanger in a well-ventilated closet with 100% cedar strips to keep it in prime condition all year long. If you take good care of your Tori Richard shirt, you should be able to wear it for many seasons to come.

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Tori Richard Men's Shirts